Healthy Halloween Food - Meals, Snacks & Treats

Healthy Halloween Food - Meals, Snacks & Treats

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The idea of a healthy Halloween and healthy Halloween snacks often makes people think of basic, bland and boring foods that are a total snooze but Halloween is, and should be, none of these things! Halloween is supposed to be fun and tasty and that can still be possible even when you put a more mindful spin on Halloween recipes. It is true. Halloween-inspired foods can be delicious, healthy and “souper” spooky too. No tricks here just treats!

Read on for lots of healthy Halloween ideas, including healthy Halloween snacks, meals and treats that will inspire adults and kids to skip the candy and reach for a healthy Halloween treat!

Healthy Halloween Treats and Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

Although October 31st is synonymous with candy and other decadent desserts and sweet treats, you can enjoy the nostalgia of Halloween classic candies and seasonal recipes while remaining mindful of your current diet and lifestyle.

Below you will find a range of options that are perfect to bring to a Halloween party, make with your kids or enjoy by yourself.

With Halloween treats healthy options are few and far between but we have put together a Proper Good list of our top healthy Halloween meals and healthy Halloween snacks. If you're wondering how many stars we would give these recipes... well we assure you that they are all a frighteningly good 5-stars!

Healthy Halloween Recipes by Proper Good

#1 Date, Coconut, and Raspberry Eyeballs

Date, Raspberry and Coconut Eyeballs - Eat Proper Good

Whether you are taking your favorite ghosts and ghouls trick-or-treating or are hosting a Halloween soiree that is to die for, you are going to need some extra energy... this is the recipe for you! What better way than to put a spooky twist on date and nut butter balls? These ooey-gooey chocolately date, coconut and raspberry eyeballs have a raspberry filling that is brilliant for a spooky halloween eye and make for a fun Halloween snack.

Not only will these sustain your energy levels throughout the day, but they also make for a wickedly good Halloween party treat, with natural sugar from the dates these certainly have a dessert vibe. These eyeballs are also made with almond butter (or you could use peanut butter if you prefer) for extra energy and protein. A truly unique recipe that fits the Halloween food theme and delivers on decadence too...witches will be circling your homemade recipe if you bring this to the party!

#2 Devil Eggs

Devil Eggs - Eat Proper Good

Feeling devilish? Well, pull up this recipe and whip up a batch of deviled eggs, but with a Halloween-inspired twist, by making devil eggs. Make all your deviled eggs look like the dastardly devil himself by giving each egg a set of little horns made out of fresh bell pepper slices. Dare we say these little devils look cute?

For those of you who love spice and really want to kick it up a notch in the kitchen, switch out red bell peppers for red chilli peppers and add a sprinkle or two of red hot chili pepper flakes for some hot and spicy flavor that will knock your socks off. Plus, this makes for a delicious dish to serve up at any Halloween party whether you are attending or hosting.

This recipe can easily be adapted if you fancy trying other designs too, the base egg mixture is absolutely scrumptious! So your base recipe is set, whether you fancy decorating your eggs with olive spiders, cheesy ghosts or more! Wonderful to serve as a food platter of deviled eggs at a party or to enjoy as a quick snack time!

#3 Frankenstein Avocado Toast

Frankenstein Avocado Toast - Eat Proper Good

If you are not such a sweet person or are trying to reduce sugar in your diet, celebrate Halloween with a few fabulous savory options like a slice of Frankenstein Avocado Toast. Make your avocado toast and decorate it with a dollop of black hummus for the monster’s hair, and your favorite veggies diced and sliced to create a one-of-a-kind memorable monster that both you and your guests will love to take a bite out of.

This is a fantastic recipe to make with kids and adults alike... it is super fun as everyone has their own avocado toast 'blank canvas' to make their monster with... generally the top half is all about the hair, and the bottom half has some fun facial features, but it's a monster so you could just go crazy and make anything you fancy. A monster making party that you can eat afterwards, now that sounds like a happy Halloween snack!

Be sure to have a variety of things to decorate the monster with and see what creative food monsters are made! Have lots of fun options for the hair, monster mouth and scary eyes... like shredded cheese, cream cheese, thin celery stick pieces (for the ultimate healthy option), mozzarella balls, black olives, sunflower seeds and more!

#4 Scary Crudités

Scary Crudities - Eat Proper Good

Take those bite-sized crudites to the next level and increase the scare factor by serving a handcrafted batch of Scary Crudites. Now that is one way to get into the Halloween spirit! This is a nice simple recipe, that's easy to make even last minute! Made with black charcoal hummus with an array of dippable cheeses and veggies, be sure to slice the ingredients so they are dipping ready... think about using things like purple carrots, multiple colors of peppers, cucumber slices. These healthy Halloween snacks are sure to give guests a fright in the most delectable way possible. And, if you're in the mood for cooking just take these veggies and roast them for some Halloween roasted veggies!

#5 Spooky Salad

Spooky Halloween Kale Salad - Eat Proper Good

Salads can be spooky especially when you whip up a bowl of a Spooky Salad. Made with fresh kale leaves, crunchy almonds, dried cranberries, a sweet maple vinaigrette and topped with spooky cheese Halloween shapes! We opted for cheese skull cutouts using a cookie cutter to make them, but you can get creative and make any shapes you like! If you can find a good quality sliced cheese it will make things easier for cutting out your shapes. If you don't fancy using cheese you can use a thin apple slice and apply your cookie cutter to that! To add a bit of Halloween orange we have also found that mandarin oranges work wonderfully with the flavors in this salad too!

#6 Jalapeño Popper Mummies

Halloween Jalapeno Popper Mummies - Eat Proper Good

One of the best healthy Halloween snacks for spice lovers is Jalapeño Popper Mummies! A big hit as an appetizer or awesome to dip in your favorite wintery soup! Spice comes from the jalapeño and a buttery pastry that makes the 'mummies' wrap a flaky deliciousness. If you want to enjoy these but would like slightly less spice simply line your jalapeño with cream cheese! This is a seriously fun food recipe!

#7 Cheesy Broomsticks

Halloween Cheesy Broomsticks - Eat Proper Good

Cute is not the main word you associate with Halloween BUT these Cheesy Broomsticks class as very cute food! So incredibly simple to make in just a few steps these savory cheesy broomsticks are lovely to have as part of an appetizer spread or lovely to dip in your favorite soup! If you love a pretzel stick and have a savory tooth for cheese then you are in for one cute little food treat!

#8 Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Halloween Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal - Eat Proper Good

Over the full moon about oatmeal? Then you need to make a bowl of Proper Good’s Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal. We all know it's fall and coming up to Halloween when pumpkin inspired baked goods are in all the bakeries... and what a wonderful time of year it is :-) But... you can enjoy the delicious flavors and spices of pumpkin without all the sugar in baked goods with this wonderful Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal.

This oatmeal base is packed with steel-cut oats, chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds for a thick al-dente style oatmeal that has an incredibly tasty texture. The sweet pumpkin pie spice blend is packed with crunchy pumpkin seeds to add extra protein and texture to this fabulous fall oatmeal.

This oatmeal is ready to heat and eat in 60-seconds! So if you need a quick breakfast in the cold weather this is a wonderfully fast, nourishing and tasty option!

Proper Good pumpkin pie oatmeal is also gluten free, dairy free and plant based making this a Halloween treat that can fit many dietary lifestyles. We've done the recipe and the cooking so all you need to do is heat & eat! One of the easiest halloween food options here!

But, if you fancy it add a touch of Halloween fun by adding a classic Halloween art to the top of your oatmeal!

Maybe add...

  • A whipped cream spider web on top
  • Raisins made into spider shapes that crawl over your bowl
  • Green apple pieces, peanut butter (or almond butter) and mini marshmallows to make a monster mouth - a very fun one for the kids, especially when they can all get creative and make their own style of monster mouths!
  • Add a greek yogurt ghost with raisins for eyes
  • Get Frankenstein vibes by using kiwi fruits for the perfect green and Frankenstein kiwis art!
  • Top with pretty much any fruit you fancy, we find that most fruit goes wonderfully well with an oatmeal base!

Kids love making a fun Halloween bowl of oatmeal, and lots of adults do too - we know we do!!! Or, if monster mouths and spiders are too much for you just try a simple dash of almond milk and a cheeky pour of maple syrup on your pumpkin pie oatmeal :-)

#9 Double Double Pumpkin Soup

Halloween Skull Spiced Pumpkin Pie Soup - Eat Proper Good

Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Go ahead and channel those wicked witch vibes as you brew up a batch of this Proper Good Pumpkin Soup.

Pumpkin is pretty much the unofficial flavor of the Halloween season so use it as the star of this super savory soup dish. Get creative and cast a spell over your cauldron then serve this sensational pumpkin soup... there are lots of ways to amp up the Halloween presentation with this one...

  • Serve in a hollowed-out pumpkin
  • Top with small cubes of roasted pumpkin
  • Bread and cheese skulls - made using a skull cookie cutter!
  • Thin cut spooky potato ghosts - baked in the oven!
  • Add a sour cream or cream cheese web and spiders made of black olives
  • Use dark blue tortilla chips to make jack o lanterns faces on top
  • Get creative and make up your own spooky topping ideas!

A meal that comes in its very own Halloween costume? Now you are talking! Our Proper Good Spiced Pumpkin Soup gets dressed up for the Halloween season every year. Made with wholesome ingredients, this plant-based thick and velvety soup includes sweet notes from coconut milk and pumpkin that contrast with the deliciously savory fall flavors of cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric. Plus, it is gluten-free. Add an extra element and increase the scare factor by using tortilla chips to make fun jack o lantern or carved pumpkin faces then grab a spoon and dive in.

Healthy Halloween Recipes we LOVE by Other People

#1 Homemade Candy Corn

Nothing says Halloween like a bag of candy corn - these are the October sweets! The yellow, orange, and white colored candies absolutely scream Halloween. Instead of purchasing store-bought candy corn, which can be laden with artificial ingredients and refined sugar, (talk about scary), create your own candy corn at home instead.

This plant-based, vegan candy corn recipe uses fruit juice, natural sweeteners and vegetable juices to recreate this iconic vegan Halloween classic candy. Serve on a platter with a big pumpkin stem placed in the middle for a bit of fun fall flare.

Since these are homemade candy corns the more care you take in making them the more they will look like the store bought ones, if you really go for it you can make them look like the ones kids are use to, and you can sneakily give them a healthier option without them even knowing the switch! A tasty Halloween trick!

#2 Dark Chocolate Covered Apples

You know it's Halloween when the food displays are covered in dipped apples, a truly iconic halloween food! Although, candied apples are a fall favorite for many people, skip dipping your caramel apples in melted caramel that is chalked full of artificial colors, dyes, and refined sugars and instead dunk them in melted dark chocolate. Just make sure your dipping chocolate is 70% dark chocolate or above. Who knew dark chocolate-covered apples could be a healthy Halloween treat?

And, you can really mix up the flavor of these dipped apples depending on what apples you decide to use... this delicious fruit has thousands of varieties so you can really mix up the flavors depending on whether you would like sweet apples or more tart apples to contrast with the sweet toppings.

If you are hosting a Halloween party, set up a build-your-own chocolate apple bar so guests can make their own chocolate-dipped apples, an exciting project for adults and kids. Include flavorful toppings like crushed nuts, shredded coconut, sprinkles (find the healthier ones!), and other fall favorites like white chocolate chips and peanut butter. Maybe even crushed homemade candy corn! These can also be a perfect parting gift for guests to take home after your very own monster mash.

#3 Halloween Cookies

Halloween cookies are a festive and fun Halloween treat to share with family and friends. Plus, they are always a favorite snack for kids. Bake up a more mindful batch of Halloween cookies by using a grain-free alternative like almond flour or coconut flour then give your cookies a spooky twist with some haunting Halloween designs.

Make a delicious but low-sugar vanilla frosting, spoon it into an icing bag then get creative. Whether you choose ghosts, skeletons, spiderwebs, pumpkin faces or some witches' hats... your Halloween cookies are sure to be “boo-tiful.” Or, make things chocolately.... this is our favorite healthier and chocolate based Halloween cookie recipe... and it's another one that's fun for kids to make too... tasty spider cookies!

Baking food from scratch is always an exciting time for kids and adults alike and if you're dressed in Halloween costumes too it makes it even more fun!

#4 Maple Corn

Enjoying a bowl of caramel corn is a part of any good Halloween night of mischief, but unfortunately, the caramel is usually made with corn syrup and loads of refined sugar. Instead, a more mindful option is trading in that bowl of traditional caramel corn for a batch of homemade maple corn instead.

Whipping up this recipe will make your kitchen smell AMAZING, and for something even more fun, serve in a lined jack o lantern for guests to enjoy. Oh, and when we're feeling chocolatey we drizzle some dark chocolate over the top too!

This maple corn is perfect to enjoy in front of a Halloween movie, and add a few bowls of fruit to pass around too, like bowls of grapes or blueberries, to sneak in some fruit goodness! We love that contrast in flavors between the super sweet maple corn and the fruit! A fantastic mix of flavors for both adults and kids.

#5 Strawberry Ghosts

A Halloween celebration would not be complete without a couple of chocolate dipped strawberry ghosts, they're not the scary kind of ghosts, the tasty kind! Dip fresh, luscious strawberries into melted white chocolate and once they are dry, use an icing bag to draw a set of eyes and a mouth with melted dark chocolate. You can even add pretzel sticks so guests can easily grab this ghoulishy great healthy Halloween snack. Boo, errr, yum! They'd be scary if they didn't look so darn cute! These are one of our favorite healthy Halloween snacks - let's face it, they're mostly fruit! Woohoo!

Have Healthy Halloween Treats this October!

Classic Halloween candy and seasonal fall treats do not have to leave you with a feeling of guilt and an unpleasant stomach ache. Instead, get creative and swap those iconic Halloween classics with more mindful options and your Halloween food will only be scary in a good way.

Put on your creative hat and have a good think about other Halloween ideas and creative ways to put a Halloween twist on your favorite foods! Think of your favorite healthy foods, the colors, textures, and flavors, and think about how they relate to, or could be adapted to fit Halloween themes. A fun thing for the whole family to play with, kids included!

Ideas to Spark Healthy Halloween Treat Creativity

  • Sweet potato witches fingers - the more realistic the scarier they are to eat!
  • Halloween roasted veggies - white onions, purple potatoes and orange carrots for Halloween colors... a ghoulishly good way to eat your veggies!
  • Mini pizzas are a super fun idea for the whole family, just like the Frankenstein toast the pizza is the blank canvas and from there you can build so many fun and spooky designs... food has never been so fun!
  • Fruit is so incredibly versatile and has an array of textures and colors, so you can get creative with so many ideas... just look at your favorite Halloween characters and see what you can make! We find the more "structured fruits" to be a great base like banana, apples and pears and then decorate using other fruit like blueberries and orange segments.

Whether your celebrating Halloween by yourself, with family or having a massive all out Halloween party we hope these recipes will help you enjoy healthier food options!

With these recipes you are set for a full day of Halloween inspired food! Enjoy Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal for breakfast, Frankenstein Avocado Toast for lunch, and Spiced Pumpkin Soup with a side of Spooky Kale Salad for dinner with Raspberry Date Eyeballs and Scary Strawberry Ghosts (cute!) for dessert! Or mix 'n' match any of the above recipes for the perfect party spread or day of spooky Halloween recipes!

Ditch the sweets and turn to better for you food! Healthy Halloween snacks or healthy Halloween treats anyone? Yes, please!!! Healthier options have never been so scarily good!

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