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Scary Crudités

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Crudités are a fantastic option to take to any party, pot luck or gathering... and they are VERY easy to make a little bit spooky for halloween get togethers :-) This Scary Crudités "how-to" will have you set with a spooky, delicious and healthy halloween crowd pleaser!

Scary Crudities - Eat Proper Good


1 cup Hummus - store bought or follow this lovely hummus recipe

1 cup Black Olives (to dip and for Spider Decoration)

1 Teaspoon Activated Charcoal

2 x Red Peppers

2 x Orange Carrots

2 x Purple Carrots

1 handful x Green Beans

Any other foods you love to dip in hummus... think meats, cheeses and more!


Mix the activated charcoal into the hummus, this will turn it a spooky grey color without altering the taste or texture.  You can add more activated charcoal if you wish but we liked the color and taste with just the one teaspoon of activated charcoal per one cup of hummus.

Decorate your spooky hummus with a little black olive spider, simply cut one olive in half to make the spider body and cut another olive into eight pieces to lay out as the spider legs.

Then surround your grey spider hummus bowl with all of your crudities! Be sure to cut them all up in a way that makes them a good shape for dipping!

Happy Healthy Halloween :-) 

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