Devil Eggs

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Your classic deviled eggs with a devilsh halloween twist - say hello to Devil Eggs! Little eggs that have all the flavors you'd expect from traditional deviled eggs but made to look like little devils.

Deviled Devil Eggs - Eat Proper Good


8 x Eggs

4 tablespoons Mayonnaise

2 teaspoons Dijon Mustard

1 teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar

1 x Red Bell Pepper

8 x Red Chili Peppers

1 teaspoon x Proper Spicy Seasoning 

Salt & Pepper to taste

Deviled Devil Eggs - Eat Proper Good


Boil a pot of water, reduce heat and simmer all eggs together for 15 minutes.

Remove eggs from hot water and cool them in a cold water bath.

When the eggs are completely cooled, peel them. 

Stand the egg upright, so the smaller coned end is facing up, i.e the egg is stood on end instead of laying down. About half way up from the base of the egg, cut the egg in half. This is different to a traditional deviled egg, cut it this way to ensure your little devils have a similar amount of egg white around the edge, so that the bottom is round rather than oval shaped.

When you cut the egg you will see if you need to cut down a bit further to remove the full cooked egg yolk, if you do just cut down a bit further.

Remove the cooked egg yolk and place them all together in a bowl. 

Layout the egg white bases on your serving plate, cut a flat base on the other end of the egg if needed to ensure they sit upright.

Use a fork to mash up all the egg yolks and then add the mayonnaise, dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, plus salt and pepper to taste. Mix it up with your fork to get rid of any lumps, and make a smooth paste.

Add your smooth egg paste to a piping bag, and pipe the egg paste into the egg white bases, piping it high so that the yellow egg mix crowns out the top.

To decorate cut the red bell pepper into little horn shapes, or for those who love spice cut the ends off the chili peppers for little horns.

Place two horns on each egg so that they look like devils.

Sprinkle Proper Spicy Seasoning over the top of the spicy devils for an added spicy hit!

Enjoy your devil eggs! 

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