Ideas for Breakfast for Kids (and parents)

Ideas for Breakfast for Kids (and parents)

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We tooootally get it.

Getting your child to wake up in the morning, get dressed, ready for school, and out the door seems like an Olympic sport. And sometimes, kids are a little, should we say … reluctant … to follow the rules.

But the one thing your little ones can’t go without in the morning? 


This super-duper important meal gives your child the nutritious foundation they NEED to succeed in their day. Read on for a few ideas on making breakfast time as easy and painless as possible–and dare we say … quite a lot of fun, too!

Breakfast ideas for kids parents families - Eat Proper Good

So why should my child eat breakfast?

That’s a great question, because everyone seems to know that they SHOULD eat breakfast but can’t always point to facts behind why that is.

Did you know children who eat breakfast are more likely to get the doctor-recommended daily amount of calcium, fiber, and other essential nutrients than those who don’t?

These vitamins and minerals are so important when it comes to fueling your child’s body and mind. Without them, their growth and development could be negatively impacted.

Plus, skipping breakfast can make kids feel sleepy and anxious … and who wants that?! With so many parents working from home while also juggling at-home schooling, irritable kids is not an ideal scenario.

Breakfast Ideas for Kids - Eat Proper Good

Breakfast for back to school time

Healthy breakfast ideas for school time that are quick and easy may seem like a tough goal to achieve. But don’t worry, this is NOT impossible!

Creating a stellar breakfast routine for busy parents and kids is simpler than you think, and we have a few tips you can follow.

Go for convenience. Can you make part or all of breakfast the night before? Or prep a big batch over the weekend to nibble on throughout the week? Grab and go is the perfect way to supply your kids with the nutritious meals they need, all while catching the school bus or rushing out the door. A couple of our favorite grab-and-go breakfasts include ready-made oatmeal and muffins.

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids - Eat Proper Good

Get the kids involved in cooking! Believe it or not, children LOVE to help plan and prepare a meal right there alongside you. Cooking together can make for a fun bonding activity and help your little ones see the importance of building a breakfast routine … which is a good lifelong habit! Plus, it takes pressure off mom and dad to do it all. Kids feel proud when they get to help out.

Change it up! When children are bored with having the same breakfast every day, they’re more likely to stir food around their plate and lose interest. When you can, try new recipes using fresh, healthy ingredients. A favorite trick of ours is using a crockpot to make yummy breakfast meals. There are SO many awesome recipes on Pinterest. And for many of those crockpot recipes, all you have to do is dump the ingredients in and go, which makes for minimal prep and clean up. A win-win! Pro tip: you can also use crockpot covers to reduce clean up even more.

Breakfast for picky toddlers

Every parent has been there: when your carefully prepared breakfast is rejected by your little one. But don’t panic! Stubborn youngsters sometimes just need their mealtimes to be a little fun.

Try making breakfast a game! You can use a goofy voice to make your child’s food an animal or vehicle. It seems ridiculous, but being silly once in a while really does wonders in getting kids excited about eating even the most scary of foods–like spinach! 

Another tip is to try making food into fun shapes or colors. Enter: Proper Good’s new ready to eat oatmeal, which are perfect for picky eaters!

Our oatmeal stir-in packets change color, making this simple breakfast favorite a whimsical and magical experience, especially for young ones! The Blueberry Coconut Oatmeal turns a tasty shade of blue, while the Choc, Peanut Butter & Banana Oatmeal turns chocolatey  … just like you’re really eating chocolate but with the added benefit of nutrients and fiber!

Breakfast for Picky Toddlers - Eat Proper Good

Healthy breakfast ideas for the whole family

Don’t let the kids get all of the healthy benefits of breakfast time! There are so many nutritious and fast morning meals for parents and children to enjoy together.

A few of our favorites:

Banana Waffles: this favorite breakfast food does NOT have to be packed with sugar and bad-for-you carbs! There are plenty of gluten free waffle recipes out there to suit every dietary need. Plus, hidden fruits like bananas and strawberries not only taste amazing, but are wholesome, too!

Egg Frittata: We love a tasty frittata for sooo many reasons. For busy parents, this type of recipe requires very little preparation and cleanup … most of the time, you only need one pan. That’s it! Plus, you can pick and choose your favorite foods to go into the frittata. A few popular ingredients to combine are zucchini, asparagus, a drizzle of coconut oil, and pancetta into an egg frittata.

Easy Breakfast Ideas for the Family Frittata - Eat Proper Good

Breakfast Casserole: last but not least, a breakfast casserole can be a balanced, heart-healthy way to start the day–and it keeps you full until lunch! Casseroles often feed up to six people so it’s perfect for a bigger group or family. You can also mix up the ingredients in the pan the night before and keep it in the refrigerator, which gives you an no-guilt excuse to hit snooze the next morning. Extra sleep? Fine by us!

Yes, you CAN make easy, tasty meals for your kids in the morning with little to no hassle and even less prep! We hope this article has provided you with tips and tricks to rise and shine–and conquer your day alongside your family.

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