Asparagus & Goat Cheese Frittata

Asparagus & Goat Cheese Frittata

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Picture this: it’s a beautiful day and your family is sitting at the breakfast table. What dish is in front of you? Is it a casserole? A sweet plate of french toast or cinnamon rolls? Or a savory and delicious egg frittata?

For many, the egg frittata is a breakfast go-to due to its simplicity and versatility. You can throw just about any assortment of ingredients in your frittata and it will taste amazing! If you’re looking for a beginner egg frittata recipe, you’ve come to the right place! Learn all about the egg frittata in today’s recipe.

Facts about egg frittatas

You know the egg frittata is delicious, but is it good for you? Let’s learn more about this hearty breakfast meal.

History of the egg frittata

The egg frittata is an open-faced Italian omelet or quiche without a crust. While the frittata has Italian roots, it’s actually not a traditional Italian dish. Its name comes from the Italian verb “friggere,” which means “to fry.” 

Often, egg frittatas contain leftovers from other meals and served as a snack. North Americans have spiced up the traditional egg frittata by adding off the cuff ingredients and unique flavor combinations.  

Nutrition information

In looking at our egg frittata recipe below, which contains 6 eggs, the nutritional value is 5.4 net carbs, 36 grams fat, 31 grams protein, and 462 calories. 

A vegetable egg frittata is close to a perfect meal because it’s packed with vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. Because of this, the egg frittata works well for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner!

Egg frittata ingredients

As we mentioned earlier, an awesome thing about the egg frittata is how many different ingredients you can use in it. However, there are usually a few common staples to keep in mind as you look to build your egg frittata.


Of course! The primarily ingredient in an egg frittata is indeed eggs. Loaded with 13 essential vitamins and minerals, eggs are a key source of important nutrients needed to keep you feeling healthy and full. 60 percent of the high-quality protein in eggs is found within the egg white, and the yolk contains the rest.

Eggs contain 82 percent of your daily vitamin D requirements, 50 percent of daily riboflavin requirements, and 40 percent of selenium requirements. Eggs are also useful when it comes to weight management because they are low in calories while being a source of quality protein. Eating eggs leads to feelings of satiety and feelings of satisfaction after eating.


Another common ingredient in an egg frittata is vegetables. Our recipe calls for shallots and asparagus, two flavorful vegetable options, but just about any other vegetable can be thrown in an egg frittata and taste amazing.

Shallots are high in antioxidants and can improve blood sugar levels, circulation, seasonal allergies, and heart health. Meanwhile, asparagus is a spring vegetable that’s packed with nutritional value. It contains high levels of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure, as well as asparaptine, which improves blood flow.

Other vegetables you can include in your egg frittata are zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, and potatoes.


Goat cheese has long been a popular alternative to cheese made from cow’s milk, and for a good reason! Goat cheese has a unique, tangy flavor and is sure to diversify any recipe. 

Goat cheese also tends to be easier on digestion. That’s because while cow’s milk contains both A2 and A1 beta casein proteins, goat cheese only has A2 beta casein. Goat cheese is full of beneficial probiotics, which are the healthy kind of bacteria, and can improve the effectiveness of your immune system and reduce vulnerability to illness.

Additional cheese options are cheddar, monterrey, gruyere, and ricotta.

Egg frittata topping options

If you’re looking for ways to add even more flavor to your egg frittata, rest assured there are many ways to do so! Egg frittatas are so versatile that while they pair well with a variety of ingredients, they also can be topped with many options as well.

Here are a few favorites: 

Herbs for garnish

In the recipe below, we use chives within the egg frittata. However, if you’re looking to add additional flavors, sprinkle fresh herbs on top of the frittata once it has finished cooking! 

Chopped mint, parsley, oregano, rosemary and thyme are all excellent herb options for your egg frittata. If you’re hosting a group for breakfast, try chopping up each herb onto a separate plate or bowl. Then, your guests can sprinkle whichever herb they prefer on top of their egg frittata! A thoughtful and fun touch.

Hot sauce

There’s nothing like a spicy kick to counter the mild flavors of egg! Hot sauce is a great way to spice up your everyday egg frittata. This classic hot sauce variety 5 pack from Yellowbird Foods is non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, and it’s a healthy choice. Or, a sprinkle of Proper Good Spicy Seasoning will also do the spicing up trick!

Spicy Seasoning - Eat Proper Good


Did you know the avocado goes by a variety of names, including alligator pear and butter fruit? They’re technically a type of berry and grown in warm climates. The avocado is high in monounsaturated fatty acids and rich in vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption of avocados can contribute to reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

They’re creamy and delicious, too! Sliced or cubed avocados go particularly well on top of your cooked egg frittata. 

Egg Frittata Recipe

Now that you’re a certified egg frittata expert … it’s time to get cooking! Use the recipe below to whip up a crowd pleasing egg frittata sure to impress everyone at the breakfast table.

Egg Frittata Recipe - Eat Proper Good

Cooking Info:

Servings: 4-6

Prep Time: 10

Cook Time: 15

Total Time 25


2 tbsp. Olive Oil

1/2 cup Shallots, sliced

1 lb. Asparagus, ends trimmed and diced into 1" pieces

6 large Eggs

3/4 cup Goat Cheese, or ricotta cheese

1 tbsp. Fresh Chives, chopped

1 cup Shredded Gruyere Cheese, or mozzarella

1/2 tsp. Black Pepper

1/2 tsp. Salt


  1. In a large skillet that is oven safe, add in the olive oil to heat up for 1 minute. Toss in the shallots to sauté for 2-3 more minutes. Add the asparagus and cook for 3 more minutes. 
  2. In the meantime, whisk together the eggs, chives, black pepper, and salt in a large bowl. 
  3. Carefully pour the egg mixture into the skillet, stirring with a wooden spatula to mix. 
  4. Evenly distribute the goat cheese in little chunks on top. Cook until almost set but still runny on top, about 4-5 minutes. 
  5. Sprinkle the shredded gruyere cheese on top. 
  6. Broil in the oven for 5-6 minutes, or until the cheese on top is golden brown and the frittata has set enjoy warm!

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Egg frittata made simple!

And for times when you’re craving an extra side dish for everyone to share? Sweet Proper Good Oatmeals pair well with a savory egg frittata! Oatmeal complements egg frittatas with an assortment of filling steel cut oats, chia, flax, help seeds, and rice bran oil. 

Our stir in packets also include a delicious assortment of toppings, like crunchy nuts, fruits, and spices. Give banana bread, apple cinnamon, and caramel pecan a try.
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