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What’s the deal with Pouches?

A few of you have asked for more information about our packaging, environmental thoughts and why we chose our pouch, ...

Thoughts on Microwaves

Let’s uncover the veil on microwave ovens, how they work and why we think they’re awesome.  We used to be a little wa...

Proper Good Pricing

Hello there, we’ve seen quite a mix of comments about the price of our meals, so we thought we would spend a little t...

Why eat bone broth based soups?

Our Grandma had bright green kitchen cabinets, a well used apron, and what seemed like an endless supply of ingredie...

Sodium & Serving Sizes

Sodium levels can be confusing.  This is due to the sodium listed on nutritional panels relating to sodium found natu...

Why Wefunder?

You can check out our Wefunder campaign below, invest for as little as $100! wefunder.com/eatpropergood So, why Wefun...

Equity Crowdfunding... Why We're Doing It!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the table… the equity crowdfunding table that is :-) The cool thing about equity crowdfun...
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