What Is Lazy Keto? Lazy Keto Meals You Need To Try!

What Is Lazy Keto? Lazy Keto Meals You Need To Try!

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The Keto diet can be a hard one to wrap your head around at first. Planning meals and counting macros can be intimidating and, quite frankly, a bit laborious - especially if you already live a busy lifestyle! That's where Lazy Keto comes in! Despite the name, the diet consists of the same fundamental aspects as the traditional keto diet but is far quicker for a participant to prepare and maintain. We've taken inspiration from the tasty lazy keto ready made meals & snacks to share with you some easy beginner lazy keto meals ideas. 

We've created the ultimate guide for Lazy Keto diet recipes, which is great for both beginners and keto experts. To learn everything from what macros the Lazy Keto counts to deliciously straightforward low-carb recipes, just keep reading!

Lazy Keto Meals - Eat Proper Good

What is Lazy Keto?

Lazy Keto is a workaround for the more traditional keto diet, with less strict macro categories to adhere to. A standard ketogenic diet typically promotes a diet plan of low carbs meals with high-fat content - think lots of eggs, cheese, and a moderate amount of proteins! A generic lazy keto meal prep plan will include a set minimum daily calorie intake and hardly any carbs at all.

However, most people on lazy keto diet meals tend to keep their net carbohydrates to under 20 grams a day and do not specifically count their calories. From a typical lazy keto diet, you can expect a good amount of healthy fats and a healthy amount of protein. This diet eventually puts the body into a state called ketosis. Ketosis is when your body lacks enough carbs to burn for energy, so start burning fat instead, resulting in weight loss. This state can be achieved faster through the traditional keto diet but can be more easily maintained on a lazy keto meal plan, as it is less restrictive for people to keep up with.

Health Benefits of Lazy Keto

Ketosis has a range of health benefits outside of weight loss, including improved blood sugar control. In fact, many people who suffer from type 2 diabetes turn to a keto-based diet to help their blood sugar levels. Studies have also shown that regularly putting your body into a state of ketosis can reduce the risk of heart disease and aid certain elements of polycystic ovary syndrome and acne, as well as neurological diseases.

The main and most documented health benefit of a keto diet is weight loss and the general health benefits associated with being a healthy weight. Though these studies are not specifically looking at the lazy keto diet, but keto in general, a state of ketosis is the linking beneficial health factor here! This means that these health advantages can still be felt on the lazy keto diet, but just not as fast. Despite this, you are actually more likely to maintain the lazy keto diet as opposed to standard keto, due to its less restrictive nature.

Proper Good Lazy Keto Meals

Lazy keto is a great diet for those wanting a healthy lifestyle but does not always have the time to meal plan! Proper Good specializes in delicious pre-made nutritious meals that follow easy keto recipes - blending health, convenience and happiness all into one nifty packet! Check out below the ready-to-eat soups that are guaranteed to be a new family favorite.

1.  Sweet Red Pepper and Meatball Soup

Fuel your body with Proper Good's delicious sweet red pepper and meatball soup. This nourishingly thick soup has a great consistency for those hungry after a long day, as it's full of pork and beef meatballs. These mouthwatering meats are contrasted against a velvety sweet red bell pepper and grass-fed beef bone broth base, providing your body with essential nutrients.

This meal is a flavorful lazy keto favorite and is ready in just 90 seconds. With less than 9g of carbs in a pouch, this perfect lazy keto meal will surely become a staple on your shopping list!

Keto red pepper & meatball soup - Eat Proper Good

2. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

For those searching for a gluten-free option, Proper Good has got you covered! With only 6g of net carbs and a healthy 7g of protein, this no-fuss thick and creamy soup is the perfect cozy meal for your taste buds after a busy day. The broccoli cheddar soup also has zero added sugar so is great for those managing their blood sugar levels!

Keto broccoli and cheddar soup - Eat Proper Good

3. Chicken & Mushroom Soup

Enjoy a delicious classic with a lazy keto twist! Proper Good's nutritiously dense chicken and mushroom soup is ready in under 2 minutes in a microwave and doesn't even need to be refrigerated - great for at school, work, or whilst traveling. With fresh mushrooms, succulent chicken breast, and organic chicken bone broth, each pouch of soup is filled with important sources of protein, amino acids, and collagen to boost your skin, joints, and gut health. The soup is complemented with heavy cream and coconut oil, and comes to just 8g of net carbs for the pouch, making it the perfect on-the-go lazy keto meal.

Keto chicken and mushroom soup - Eat Proper Good

4. Keto Variety Packs

For those who cannot make their mind up, Proper Good offers keto variety packs to ensure you are never left struggling at mealtimes. In this pack, you will find 2 pouches of each of the above-mentioned soups, leaving you spoiled for choice. Prepare for busy weeks or travels ahead by keeping a variety pack conveniently stored in your cupboard. Then simply kick back, pick out your delicious soup and enjoy it after 90 seconds in the microwave or keep your soup warm for longer on a small slow cooker! Your body will thank you for it.

Other Lazy Keto Recipes to Check Out

If you want to try your own hand at creating some delicious lazy keto meals, we have linked a list of keto meal prep recipes below for you. Fear not, these lazy keto recipes simply require basic ingredients that can be easily found in your local grocery store. Alternatively, you can gather your own dinner, lunch, and even keto breakfast ideas inspiration from Proper Good's recipes!

Broccoli Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

A bite-sized cheesy and creamy appetizer that's perfect for any season! This delicious, quick, and filling oven bake includes simple ingredients such as broccoli cheese soup from Proper Good, mushrooms, cream cheese, and salt and pepper to taste. This easy recipe takes less than 10 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of oven cook time.

Take a look at this recipe, here!

The Keto Salad

This smoky ranch chicken salad is a low-carb keto, absolutely fantastic option. Most lazy keto meals tend to avoid too much greenery, so this is great for those who love the lightness of a salad. The recipe is fully customizable, meaning that both vegetarians and vegans who follow a keto diet can simply swap out the meats and dairy so substitutes. Hosting avocado, black sesame seeds, chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and baby tomatoes in a bowl, this low-carb salad packs in heaps of flavor!

This recipe takes a total time of 5 minutes to prepare and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Lazy Keto Meals - Keto Chicken Salad - Eat Proper Good

Veggie Cheesy Tomatoes

This easy keto recipe is guaranteed to become your latest obsession. Baked parmesan tomatoes can be a delightful side dish to enjoy at lunch or dinner and will definitely come in handy for your next dinner party. The light and refreshing meal may be surprisingly low carb but is rich in healthy fats - a perfect blend for achieving ketosis. Check out the full recipe here!

Lazy Keto Meals - Tomato Cheesy Keto - Eat Proper Good

Keto-Friendly Enchilada Boats

Finally, finding keto dinner recipes for your whole family has never been easier with Cooking Classy. Their chicken enchilada zucchini boat recipe will soon become one of your favorite lazy keto meals. Swapping out the carbs in classic tortilla shells with hollowed-out zucchini boats, this dinner recipe boasts an incredible mixture of Southwestern and Mexican flavors. For those who love a kick in their lazy keto meals, feel free to add as much chili powder as you want. 

Top with meats like ground beef or chicken and a ton of cheese for a low-carb delicious keto dinner. If you're making this for guests or children, we recommend serving with healthy low-carb tortilla chips. You can even freeze the meat and vegetable filling to include later in a meal plan or instant pot dish!

This lazy keto recipe can serve a family of four with only 15 minutes of prep time.


To summarize, the lazy keto diet takes the best bits of keto and adjusts them into a manageable and convenient regimen that can thrive in any lifestyle! Promoting healthiness and happiness, lazy keto is about finding and maintaining a perfect balance (and not just on the scales)! Proper Good mirrors these values, and can offer a helping hand whether you are new to the lazy keto diet, or just want to try some incredible food.

Lazy Keto Meals - Keto Meals Low Carb - Eat Proper Good

To learn more about other similar diets, check out this article about Keto VS Paleo Diet!

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