Easy Dinner for College Students

Easy Dinner for College Students

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College students know how busy and stressful this time can be … but also how much fun it is, too! College students are juggling so many new responsibilities, such as time management, laundry, on campus jobs, and meal prep.

With so much studying on their plates, preparing nutritious meals can easily fall to the wayside. But meal prepping doesn’t have to be difficult!

A few simple, versatile ingredients can go a long way in making dorm room meals feel like they’re made in mom’s kitchen. In this blog post, we’re explaining how dinner for college students can be easier than ever … not to mention affordable!

Basic equipment

Dorm rooms are quite small and don’t allow many pieces of cooking equipment. Popular tools like small gas grills are often against the rules, making favorite dishes seem impossible to make.

But that doesn’t have to be true! Straightforward equipment can make healthy meals that keep college students nourished for everything from class, study time, and hanging out with friends!


Strapped for time? Meal prep doesn’t have to be complicated, and a microwave can come in handy! Microwaves are an inexpensive way to incorporate semi-homemade meals into a college student’s diet. Models like this one are compact, don’t break the bank, and have the longevity to last from dorm room, to apartment, and beyond!

Ready made meals for college students - Eat Proper Good

There are so many nutritious microwave-safe meal options out there, including Proper Good soups, chilis, and oatmeals. Our meals can easily be popped into the microwave and ready in just 90 seconds! Proper Good meals are likely a bit more nutritious than typical college dining hall meal options, which keeps you feeling satisfied and energized for the hustle and bustle of college life. 

Mini fridge

Keeping basic items cold can feel impossible in a cramped dorm room. But it doesn’t have to be! There are mini fridges on the market that are cute AND functional. This mini fridge allows you to write on the outside as well … so keeping track of your to do list and schedule has never been easier!

Basic utensils

Nothing is worse than opening a late night dorm snack and not having any utensils to eat it with! You don’t have to keep much on hand … just a plate, fork, spoon, and knife will do.

College dinner tips - Eat Proper Good

Dorm room snacks

Busy college students often don’t have time to track down food for complicated recipes! They’ve got so many other priorities to focus on, like studying and keeping grades up.

Keeping mealtime simple can help cut down on stress and distractions. Here are a few versatile ingredients college students can keep in their dorm room and enjoy anytime:

Peanut butter

Are you a fan of creamy or crunchy peanut butter? No matter which option you’re partial to, peanut butter can be used in a variety of grab ‘n go snacks and meals! Try dipping celery, apples, or whole wheat crackers in any type of peanut butter.


You can dip almost any vegetable or cracker into the creamy, dreamy spread! Made using chickpeas, hummus is a healthier dipping alternative to mayo or ranch. Just throw a jar of hummus and dipper in your backpack and go! There’s even single serve hummus available, making it an ideal snack for busy days.

Easy dinner for college students


Busy college students often leave their dorm room early in the morning and don’t get home until late at night. Students are constantly rushing to get from one place to the next! Throw a sandwich in your backpack to enjoy during a break. Sandwiches can be made using whichever ingredients you like! AND, loading up a sandwich with healthy veggies helps keep you full all day long. 

A few simple ingredients include bread, lunch meat (like turkey), sliced cheese, and iceberg lettuce. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, pesto or green goddess dressing can add extra flavor! We’re big fans of Tessemae’s dressings.

Soups and chilis

Nothing is more comforting than a cozy soup or chili, especially when college students are feeling a little homesick. But there’s no good way to make nutritious soup in a dorm room, and canned soups are often high in sodium.

Southwest Chili - Eat Proper Good

That’s where Proper Good comes in! Our nutritious soups and chilis are delivered straight to your door … so for college students who aren’t near a grocery store and don’t have a car, this is a great meal option! Plus, our soups and chilis come in a simple pouch and they don’t need to be refrigerated so they won’t take up precious space in your small mini fridge! If you only have a few minutes between class for lunch or dinner, soup fits the bill.

Instant oatmeal

With no stovetop available, rolled or steel cut oats simply aren’t an option as a dorm room dinner. However, pre-packaged instant oatmeals often don’t accommodate dietary restrictions and needs (learn more about oatmeal and keto here!)

Easy instant oatmeals - Eat Proper Good

Proper Good oatmeals are plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free! Plus, there’s no prep involved … other than throwing the pouch in the microwave that is! ;) 

Mug meals

Mug meals are all the rage for college students looking to make the most of a few pieces of equipment. Mugs can be used for your favorite beverage, yes, but they can serve as a great foundation for your favorite microwave-friendly versions of a recipe!

Using just a few simple ingredients, this 5 minute omelet in a cup is nutritious and filling. Breakfast for dinner … why not?!

5 minute omelet in a cup - Eat Proper Good

Dinner for college students doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming! With just a few key ingredients on hand, college students can eat meals that are tasty AND healthy.

If you’re the parent of a college student, we also shared a few care package ideas for college students, too!
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