How To Make The Ultimate New Mom Gift Basket In 2022

How To Make The Ultimate New Mom Gift Basket In 2022

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Becoming a mother is an all-consuming role, whether it is your first child or your fifth! As a new mom, the period following the birth of a baby can be daunting, isolating, and sleepless, with many new mothers driven to the brink of exhaustion.

During this time, they could use whatever help they can get. That is why a new mom’s gift basket is the ultimate mommy survival kit, as it carries all the essentials, alongside some pampering gifts, to make a new mom feel special, supported, and cared for. 

Socializing can sometimes feel overwhelming for new moms or moms to be, so your own gift basket to new parents is the best way to offer support and kindness without causing any unnecessary stress.


A new mom gift basket should contain items relevant for a new baby, whilst also including items catered towards self-love, mindfulness, and hygiene for the mother to enjoy and relax. It is important that each item is carefully thought out to guarantee its helpfulness, as too much clutter will only cause more stress!

Thoughtful gifts in the best gift baskets include items like essentials for a new mom, pampering items to make her feel cared for, and items that make a new mother’s life easier. Anything that proves helpful to the mother can be beneficial in the gift basket.

To make matters easier for you, we have outlined the best new mom and new baby gifts for a generous, helpful DIY gift basket guide. You know the new mom best, so only include the items that you truly believe will be enjoyed and helpful to the new parents!


The first few weeks following the birth of a new baby can be filled with paranoia, lack of sleep, and emotional stress. During this time, a newborn baby needs to be well looked after to ensure that no nasty germs infiltrate the baby's immune system.

The new parents will also be getting used to spillages, leaks, and other new fluids, which can build up and make a home dirty or disorganized if not dealt with, which can be extra stress to new moms. Due to this, the following items will be great for this type of new mom gift baskets, as they focus on cleanliness and hygiene!


A peri bottle can help relieve new moms of acute pain whilst providing extra cleanliness.


Medicinal wipes are antiseptic wipes that can be used to clean surfaces, skin, grazes, and wounds to kill germs. These wipes can gently clean skin without the need for much effort. For new moms, you may want to find some alcohol-free medicinal wipes so that they are safe for use on babies too!


An ice pack can be great for soothing headaches and muscle cramps or pains. If close to the new mom, you may think about including padsicles. These are pads that can be frozen and then placed in underwear to help relieve pain.


Witch hazel pads can help a new mom to keep up with a simple and easy skincare routine, as witch hazel is great for reducing skin inflammation.


Along with the peri bottle, you may wish to include a perineal spray. This is a cooling spray that will help soothe the effects and aftermath of natural childbirth.


Epsom bath salts can reduce swelling and help relax muscle aches. These bath salts can provide a soothing aromatic experience to reduce headaches and aid relaxation.


Ongoing research suggests that there are links between the compound BPA and various health risks, such as increased blood pressure. Whether a water bottle or a baby bottle, a 'BPA free' label will give new mothers better peace of mind. 


Eating regularly can be difficult for moms, as they are often busy caring for and looking after their kids. At the same time, pregnant women may also lack the energy to make a healthy lunch or dinner. As a result of this, gifting food gift cards and services can help an incredibly thoughtful gift box for new and expecting mothers.


Proper Good is a delicious, healthy food brand that provides healthy quick, and easy meals in just 90 seconds! You can also find keto, plant-based, dairy-free, or gluten-free options so if your friend is following any of those lifestyles choosing meals is even easier! The microwavable pouches are perfect for those who have little time or energy to spend on prepping meals but still want clean ingredients, as there is zero added sugar in every meal. And, there’s no refrigeration needed so the meals are easy to ship to your friend and even easier for them to have on hand for a tasty meal whenever they need it.

Proper Good also provides various subscriptions and several other programs that offer discounts, making it a fitting gift to include in your gift basket.

New Mom Ready Meals Healthy - Eat Proper Good


Whilst moms are so busy caring for their little ones, they may end up neglecting themselves. Skincare, haircare, and beauty products can remind moms to fit in some 'me time' allowing them to relax and reenergize themselves physically and mentally! The following items would be beneficial to include:


Dry and irritated skin can be itchy and annoying if not properly treated with lotion.


Dry lips can lead to bleeding cuts and painful cracks that will only get worse if left untreated. Lip balm is a quick solution that can prevent this from occurring.


To help moms feel a bit more like their former selves, a nice lipstick may help to put a spring back into their step!


Shopping for makeup may be hard to squeeze into a new mom's daily routine, so including mascara in your gift box for makeup-loving moms is very thoughtful.

Nursing Pads

In between daily and late-night feedings, nursing pads can be helpful for preventing leakages when out and about.


Bath bombs are beautiful to experience, especially ones that contain your favorite colors or smells. Bath bombs can also be a gentle body wash as you bathe in them, to avoid having to scrub your body too harshly.


For moms who religiously practice their skincare routine, adding exfoliating scrub to your gift basket can be a personal touch!


Feeding a baby can be painful, so nipple body butter will help to soothe sensitive areas to prevent cuts and irritation.


Taking regular showers can be difficult for new moms, so dry shampoo can help women to feel more presentable and a bit more like themselves. A nice scent will also help moms to feel great!


No pamper night is complete with a face mask! These can help to clean, moisturize or exfoliate skin for a brightened, fresh, and healthy appearance.


A baby sleeping is not something that new moms and dads will want to disturb, so including some sound-free entertainment can help parents to unwind without waking their baby up!


For a new mom, comfort is key! Expecting moms pre-baby may also not be prepared clothing-wise, so gifting some comfortable and easy clothes to slip on and off at a baby shower is a great idea. 

The body goes through a lot after giving birth, so light and soft clothes are key to helping it to recover properly.


No new mom gift basket is complete without a pair of cozy, fluffy socks. Whether a cute or funny design, every new mom will be grateful for the comfort.


A good night's sleep can be hard to come by with a newborn or toddler. An eye mask can help relax the body, willing it to fall asleep at a faster pace than usual.


Comfy loungewear that is quick to put on and take off is essential for a new mom. Babies are naturally very messy, so moms will need an outfit that can be easily swapped and cleaned whilst still providing a great level of comfort throughout the day.


As mentioned earlier, a new baby can disrupt any meal prep systems, disturbing how new moms and dads eat. Treats and snacks are a great gift to include in the best gift baskets for a new family as quickly heading off to the store becomes a harder feat with a new baby. 

Motherhood is also incredibly tiring, so this extra sugar can help to energize the body whilst being fun and tasty treat!


Chocolate is always a welcomed treat in gift baskets! Chocolate can help reduce pain by releasing serotonin into your body, helping to create a positive mood. 


Home-baked brownies will be a thoughtful and delicious gift for a new mom. The extra sugar will give her a needed boost of energy to get through the day!


For more health-conscious and fitness-loving moms, energy protein bars can provide energy that is not shrouded in sugar. Protein bars are great for breakfast or as a snack and can be eaten on the go. As a result of this, energy protein bars are greatly suited to include in your gift basket for the lifestyle of a new, busy mom.


Organization and tidiness become one of the last priorities as a new parent, but messiness can quickly catch up to you, causing stress and a negative mood. As parenting is so tiring, a proper clean may seem exhausting. Therefore, providing a cute basket, a storage bin, or even a diaper bag as part of your new mom gift baskets can enable a new mom to quickly pop any toys or rubbish away to create a mess-free space.

It is also a great gift idea to use this basket as the container for your new mom gift basket to maximize space efficiency!


In summary, a new mom gift basket is a thoughtful, kind thing to give to an expecting or new mom. More than a baby registry, from hygiene-based items to healthy food services, a perfect gift box will encompass all the essential parents need to be healthy and prepared.

Proper Good is a great service for new parents as it provides healthy ready-to-eat in 90 seconds meals, made from clean ingredients, that have keto, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and plant-based options! The meals require no preparation and provide proper good nutrition.

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