The Best Vegan Gift Basket Ideas in 2022

The Best Vegan Gift Basket Ideas in 2022

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When the holidays, a birthday, or other special occasion rolls around, it can be puzzling to know what would be the perfect gift to give to a loved one. Do you take them out to dinner, and get them a sweet treat? See a show? Go on a trip? The options are endless!

Something thoughtful a loved one might not expect is a gift basket or a gift box filled with items and goodies! If you can choose things that cater to their lifestyle (bath bombs, essential oils, sugar scrub) or favorite items (cozy socks, body butter, beauty products) even better.

For the vegan in your life, we’ve shortlisted a few vegan gift ideas that can easily be incorporated into a thoughtful vegan gift box and vegan, plant based, or even vegetarian gift baskets.

Best Vegan Gift Basket Ideas

When browsing vegan gift box ideas, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with options. And, is tricky to know which items are vegan or not! 

For those who are unfamiliar, vegans and vegetarians both choose not to eat meat. However, veganism is stricter and also prohibits dairy, eggs, honey, and any other items that are derived from animal products, such as leather and silk.

Here are a few best vegan gift baskets perfect for the vegan in your life! 

Proper Good Meals

Proper Good soup and chili basket

One complaint many vegans have is that ready-made food options taste bland and unappetizing. Not the case with Proper Good! Our soups and chilis fit snugly inside a vegan diet and never skimp on flavor making them a perfect vegan gift pack.

Vegan plant based meal delivery - Eat Proper Good

A Proper Good build-your-own 6 pack can be gifted in a vegan basket or vegetarian gift basket to a vegan or vegetarian in your life … and you can rest assured every item in this vegan basket is compliant, perfect for their vegan diet!

Did we mention there’s also an option to include a personalized note? So you can get Proper Good delivered straight to your loved ones AND include a thoughtful note. :) 

Here are a few of our favorite plant-based, gluten-free, vegan soup, and chili options:

Proper Good oatmeal basket

We couldn’t possibly leave oatmeal out of the fun, could we?! If you know that your loved one is not a big fan of soup, we also offer a variety of delicious oatmeals that even come with their toppings.

Perfect for vegan gifts any time of year, Proper Good oatmeals are completely plant-based and vegan.

Vegan Blueberry Coconut Oatmeal - Eat Proper Good

We’ve bundled 6 of our favorite oatmeal varieties into a breakfast vegan pack, but you can also mix and match the flavors below:

Vegan Cookies or Baked Goods Gift Basket

It’s a great idea to include vegan meals in a loved one’s gift basket. But there are just those times when they may be craving something sweet! Enter vegan cookies. Just a few years ago, vegan snacks were harder to come by, existing only chocolate chip cookies.

But fortunately, brands are creating new products to accommodate the vegan lifestyle. Better yet, the products taste incredible!

Here are a few vegan cookies you can easily order and mail to your loved one as part of their vegan gift basket:

Fresh, Dried, or Organic Fruit Gift Basket

A sweet (but healthy!) treat … say no more! A fruit basket filled with delicious goodies is a perfect vegan gift basket idea for a celebration–like a birthday, anniversary, or graduation party. 

Edible arrangements are a popular service for fresh fruit baskets or dried fruit baskets delivery. There are tons of fruit options to choose from, so if you know your recipient prefers or doesn’t like a certain kind of fruit, you can accommodate that!

Vegan Wine or Champagne Basket

Alcohol delivery gets a little tricky due to identification/age limit rules that vary from state to state.

However, once you’ve determined your loved one’s state does permit alcohol delivery, Instacart, Foxtrot, and GoPuff all have alcohol delivery options, so choose the best bottle of vegan wine or bubbly for your loved one and send it off! 

If a wine label is listed as “unfined” or “unfiltered,” that lets you know that the wine does not contain animal products and is considered vegan making it ideal for vegan baskets or vegan birthday gifts!

Vegan Spa Set

It’s harder than you may think to find beauty or spa products that are vegan. Therefore, your vegan loved one may have a tough time finding self-care products that fit within their lifestyle.

You can help! Within their vegan gift basket, compile a few vegan-friendly spa products, like bath salts, body wash, and bath bombs, making it a great care package

A few great vegan and cruelty-free products come from companies like Beauty Without Cruelty, Pacifica, and Pure Purpose Cosmetics. Most even include gift basket-ready options, like trial sizes and sets of popular products! 

A vegan beauty basket it's a perfect gift idea!

Vegan Snack Package

Filled with goodies to satisfy both your vegan loved one’s savory or sweet tooth, this vegan gift basket is an excellent gift! The company that made this vegan gift basket, Mouth, aims to “bust the myth that vegan snacks aren't as equally delicious as ones made with animal products!”

That sounds like a great mission to us. :) The average customer review is 4.8 out of 5 stars! these sound like the perfect vegan gifts.

Vegan Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Some vegans may think it’s impossible to enjoy a charcuterie board, many of which include meat and gourmet cheeses as part of the spread. But a charcuterie board can easily be made vegan and loved with an assortment of bread, dips, and more! 

This vegan charcuterie board from Renegade Foods includes an expertly curated spread of animal cruelty-free products, plus, a branded charcuterie board for your friend to keep!

Plant-based salami, crackers, almonds, cranberries, and almonds pair perfectly with a favorite vegan wine, perfect for vegan gift boxes.

Vegan Dinner Gift

Purple Carrot prides itself on pre-made vegan meals that are “delicious, plant-based, and make you feel good inside out.”

Gifting a Purple Carrot is easy–recipients can create custom best vegan gift boxes that include meal kits, prepared meals, and even grocery food items!

Your vegan loved one or family member will appreciate convenient, tasty vegan meals without the commitment of a weekly subscription. 

No matter if your vegan loved one enjoys snacks, chocolate chip cookies , sweet treats, edible arrangements, or spa days, a vegan gift basket, or vegan care package filled with vegan goodies or new vegan snacks is always a great way to show you care!

We hope they enjoy these best vegan gift baskets and vegan gift sets ideas … and that you barely have to lift a finger! ;)

For other dietary lifestyles, check this Keto Gift Basket blog post too!

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