What makes Proper Good Meals so... Proper Good?

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What makes Proper Good Meals so... Proper Good?

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Hello Hello!

My name is Chris and I am one of the founders over here at Proper Good :-) I started Proper Good with my sister, Jen, because we wanted to eat well but sometimes didn't have the time to prepare meals from scratch.  So we created the meals we craved, and we would love you to try them too! 

So, why should you try our Proper Good meals? Let me indulge you in the Proper Good difference!

  • Amazing taste! One of our most common reviews is - I cannot believe how tasty it is! There’s only one way to find this out for yourself :-) Of course, we understand how hard it is to buy food online that’s why we offer a…
  • 100% money-back guarantee! We are so confident you will love our meals we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you aren't 100% happy we will refund you in full. Ensuring you have Proper Good peace of mind!
  • All of our meals are made from wholesome ingredients, just like you would make a recipe at home, which makes them... well, taste homemade!
  • All of our meals are packed with clean and functional ingredients, making them seriously filling and good for you! These are no 'padded out' meals, these are hearty, seriously wholesome & ready for you to enjoy!
  • Our 90-second meals are easy & convenient so you can enjoy them at home, at work or on-the-go :-) We hear from many customers who love to enjoy Proper Good meals on a busy work shift for a healthy quick lunch, or love having Proper Good meals on hand for a quick to make family dinner or an easy meal for one in front of the tv to relax after a long day.  In the summer months lots of people take Proper Good meals out camping and exploring to ensure they have filling healthy meals while out and about.
  • There’s no fridge needed so your meals arrive in minimal packaging and you’ll have no extra insulation or ice packs to deal with.  Plus with no fridge needed it is easier to store your meals, keep them in your pantry, your filing cabinet at work, or throw them in your backpack for when hunger strikes.
  • We work hard to ensure all aspects of Proper Good are as environmentally friendly as possible from working with climate neutral to offset our carbon footprint, to our in-house recycling program… find out all the details HERE
  • Our fantastic customer care team will help you out with whatever you need and are available via email or text right when you need them. 
  • Always enjoy Free Shipping direct to your door! Whether you’re a first time customer, on your thirtieth subscription order, or anything else, you will always enjoy free shipping! Woohoo!
  • You can choose from breakfast, lunch and dinner options - all fully cooked and ready to eat in just 90 seconds. We've got oatmeals, soups, chilis, curries and more so you can get all the variety you need to keep meals exciting and interesting!
  • Plus, we have lovely free gifts with our orders too! Our free happy spoons come in ten awesome colors! You get one on your first order, and we also give them away in every subscription order, find out all the info HERE

If you’ve signed up to our email or SMS lists you will have received some tasty discount codes… if you have not done that yet, you can sign up HERE to get your deals :-)

Well that’s all the tasty info and if you’re ready to get some Proper Good meals heading your way just click the button below to find your meals!

Shop Now - Eat Proper Good

Thanks so much and enjoy all of your meals,


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