How to get a FREE Happy Spoon

How to get a FREE Happy Spoon

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You may have seen our lovely colorful happy spoons online or maybe you already have one and want more in other colors... well here is all the info on how to get hold of our Happy Spoons! 

Getting a Happy Spoon

Available Online!

You can now purchase any and all of our spoons on our website! No more fighting over who gets to use the Happy Spoon. You can even collect all your favorite colors! 

Not only do we sell our Happy Spoons online but we also give them away FREE with certain orders...

Subscription Orders

All subscription orders over $50 value has a Happy Spoon! Subscribe to Proper Good meals HERE - just add your meals to your cart and you will see the bar move to the 'free spoon' gift!


We offer giveaways with Happy Spoons in our Proper Good Friends Facebook Group! Join the group HERE to be in the loop :-) 

Every Order Weekends

Join our email or SMS to hear when our special spoon weekends are happening, you can sign up HERE. Be in the know when we give away a spoon with EVERY order that weekend!  (Psst... we often include other fun stuff too, like fluffy cozy socks)

Dishwasher Safe Happy Spoons

Our happy spoons are durable and dishwasher safe 🥄 Don't hesitate to throw them with the rest of your dishes for a quick clean!

Have fun eating with your favorite new spoons! Yay!

Need more meals to enjoy them with?  You can find all of our amazing 90-second meals HERE... Enjoy :-) 

Happy Spoon, Happy You

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