Keto Cleanse Detox Diet for Weight Loss

Keto Cleanse Detox Diet for Weight Loss

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The ketogenic diet has become a trendy lifestyle, with several visible success stories circulating around social media. 

Unlike other health-related social media trends, the keto diet has been rigorously supported by a plethora of studies from nutritionists and doctors as a sure-shot way to lose the extra pounds. 

The low-carb, high-fat diet has helped several individuals lose weight by simply implementing some slight tweaks to their regular eating habits. As a result, the diet helps people to feel more confident while looking and feeling much better. 

Additionally, a more extreme and short-term version of the keto diet exists, called the "keto cleanse." This is a 5 to 10 day variant of the keto diet that not only supports rapid healthy weight loss, but will also prioritize a complete detox of your body.

The keto cleanse detox diet can also be useful for those who are seeing their weight loss journey plateau while following traditional keto. 

This blog post will explain what the keto cleanse detox diet is, as well as document everything you need to know about it to further support your weight loss journey. We detail how you can completely detoxify your body using this diet to feel and function more healthily! 

What is a Traditional Keto Diet?

First, it is essential to specify what a traditional keto diet is in order to clearly distinguish the differences of the keto cleanse detox diet.

The traditional keto diet alters your body to burn fat rather than glycogen for energy. As a result, those following the diet must severely reduce their intake of carbohydrates to force the body to burn fat (ketones) instead for fuel.

By limiting carbs, the body then has no choice but to burn stored fat, resulting in weight loss. When the body has reached this stage, it is in ketosis. This is the desired state for keto dieters and the ultimate goal, as they can lose weight most easily and quickly during this stage.

Therefore, keto dieters eat a low-carb, high-fat diet that limits their total daily calories. To follow this successfully, you will essentially need to cut out all carbs from your diet, which means refraining from eating foods like white rice, pasta, bread, cereal, or potatoes. 

The easiest way to completely cut this out is by prioritizing fat. The consumption of healthy fats helps when following the ketogenic diet as it enables people to stay full while providing enough calories for the body to function efficiently.

Unlike other low-carb diet variants, such as the Atkins diet, the keto diet has calorie restrictions and strictly advocates eating real food with no processed food or junk food allowed. It is because of these strict diet restrictions that such rapid weight loss can be achieved, alongside other health benefits.

This is supported by several studies and case studies that have explored and proven that the keto diet is an effective way to lose weight, limit appetite, regulate hormones, and aid in building muscle. 

Keto Cleanse Detox Diet

Unlike the traditional ketogenic diet, the keto cleanse detox diet has been formulated to aid detoxification and digestion through the primary consumption of liquids, bone broths, and soups.

The keto cleanse detox diet is recommended to be followed for between 5 to 10 days, enabling the body to readjust and reset without compromising on healthy weight loss. 

The diet focuses on consuming liquids that are easy to digest and are not stressful on the body.

Most people that already follow a traditional keto diet find that participating in this cleanse aids in reducing their overall calorie consumption and preventing build-ups of fat while shrinking their appetite.

It is also a great option for whenever the taste of fats and other keto-friendly ready meals and plans become too repetitive.

The cleanse revolves around consuming the following types of foods:

Liquids and Soups

The keto detox diet centers itself around consuming a mostly liquid-based diet.

As such, liquids like smoothies, teas, and soups are recommended as they are filled with healthy nutrients that can be absorbed more easily by your body.

Your body can then use these essential nutrients to help speed up metabolism, eliminate toxins that are trapped in cells, and heal itself of inflammation. As a result, health-conscious liquids and soups are effective for both an internal detox and weight loss.

On this keto detox, make sure you are choosing healthy soups that contain no added sugar. Proper Good provides hearty, warming soups that are made using clean ingredients. From broccoli cheddar soup to low-carb chicken and mushroom soup, we have a range of keto-friendly soup options that are deliciously satisfying!

Chicken and Mushroom Soup - Keto Cleanse - Eat Proper Good

Collagen-rich proteins and Bone Broth:

Collagen-rich proteins support rapid fat loss, as the amino acids in collagen help your body to turn more of the foods you eat into calorie-burning machines, boosting your metabolism. 

This facilitates muscle growth while still supporting weight and fat loss.

Examples of protein-rich foods that help your body produce collagen:

  • Fish
  • Garlic
  • Chicken
  • Citrus fruits
  • Egg whites
  • Cashew nuts
  • Beans
  • Leafy greens
  • Tomatoes

Additionally, bone broth is a great dish to drink for burning fat but it can be time-consuming to produce. Fortunately, Proper Good specializes in delicious bone broths that are as flavorsome as they are nutritiously dense! 

Both beef bone broth and chicken bone broth can be consumed as a healthy liquid within the keto cleanse detox diet.

Additional Tips to Support Detoxification on Keto

There are a range of additional tips that also support the detoxification process during the keto cleanse. 

While the keto cleanse detox diet is a great and easy way to revitalize your body, mind, and diet, implementing the following tips and tricks into your diet and lifestyle will maximize your weight loss results and health benefits.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Staying dehydrated is the most essential component of detoxification as it helps to flush out toxins and waste. Clean, high-quality water is one of the healthiest liquids you can consume, and when detoxing, you should aim to drink around 8 glasses a day.

Alternatively, to understand how much water your body uniquely requires, you can use a simple formula to work out the amount you should be drinking on a daily basis. To do this, find out your body weight in pounds and then divide it by two. This number consequently represents in ounces the amount of water-based drinks you should aim to drink.

Drinking plenty of water facilitates an optimized and healthy body that can carry essential nutrients to cells for repairs. In turn, this keeps your mouth, nose, skin, and eye organs moisturized and free from irritation.

Consuming liquids also supports your kidneys by helping their detox efforts. Water enables your blood vessels to remain open, which aids the process by which nutrients are delivered to the kidneys.

Drinking high-quality filtered water may also assist in weight loss, as research suggests that increased hydration promotes fat loss and healthier overall body composition.

Staying hydrated will naturally suppress your appetite, minimizing your calorie intake and preventing weight gain while on a detox diet. Drinking 10 glasses of water a day will help to metabolize fat and further enhance a well-formulated ketogenic diet.

Water also provides cushioning for the joints, which will prevent injury caused by exercise.

Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise can be an effective way to remove toxins from your body. The exercise itself helps get all of your organs functioning well and improves your body's system of removing toxins.

The “happy hormones'' that are stimulated by regular exercise can also help prevent sugar cravings for unhealthy processed foods that can build up toxins in your body and spike your blood sugar. Exercise can also help you get better sleep which is another key part of getting your body functioning at its peak and allowing your organs to process out toxins.

Support and Improve Gut Health: 

Another great way of supporting detoxification while following a keto diet is by improving your gut health. With approximately 70 million people being affected by digestive diseases, the holistic features of optimized gut health prove pivotal to improving your wellbeing.

This can be most easily achieved via the consumption of non-starchy vegetables, such as leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and avocado. These non-starchy veggies provide dietary fiber, which promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and assists detoxification in the liver and kidneys.

Additionally, good gut health encourages the production of immune cells that fight off infectious agents. A healthy gut also sends communication to the brain to maintain overall health and testosterone levels, both physically and mentally.

Side Effects of the Keto Cleanse diet

The main side effect you are likely to experience when following the keto cleanse detox diet is the keto flu. 

What is Keto Flu?

The Keto Flu is a common side effect of the diet, and it is when keto dieters experience flu-like symptoms as a result of the low-carb, high-fat diet.

While many factors can affect how often someone experiences the keto flu, such as not eating enough fat or drinking enough water, most people new to the keto diet will experience some symptoms two to seven days after starting.

This is simply your body adjusting to the new diet, so do not let it put you off. Most symptoms last around a week, though putting preventive measures in place (such as taking vitamins) will speed up this time frame.

What are the symptoms of Keto Flu?

Keto dieters may experience headaches, stomach cramps, aching muscles, a runny nose, fatigue, nausea, foggy brain, irritability, and constipation. Bad breath, known as keto breath, is also likely to occur as your body starts to burn fat.

While most of these symptoms are normal side effects of the keto diet, you should see a doctor if they become overwhelming.

What can you do to feel better?

Try incorporating vitamin supplements in your diet and increase how much fat you are consuming. As your body is currently under stress from adjusting to the new diet, allow it to rest by getting plenty of sleep and abstaining from too much physical activity.

Make sure you are drinking enough water to help prevent dehydration and keep your digestive tract working well.

For those experiencing painful cramps and muscle aches, increasing your salt levels will help to replace essential electrolytes and prevent further cramping.


The keto detox cleanse can help to remove harsh toxins from your body while further reducing your calorie intake, aiding fat and weight loss. Proper Good can help support your detox by providing nutritious, low-carb soups and broths that are ready to eat in just 90 seconds!

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