Why Walmart?

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Proper Good meals are now available nationally in Walmart, and with such a large step into the physical retail world, we hear many ask… Why now? What’s the story? And, Why Walmart?

Proper Good meals now have 10,000+ 5 star reviews, and with over 30 delicious easy meals available online across breakfast, lunch and dinner there’s lots to choose from!  We know you love Proper Good so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to get it whenever and wherever you need it… and, that brings us to a leap from our online store to physical retail.

So with that, below are a few thoughts on this major and exciting step - we hope you enjoy reading!

Access to better for you meals

A whopping 90% of the US population lives within 10 miles of a Walmart, this is a key factor for us at Proper Good - as you know, our mission from day one has been to provide easy access to better-for-you meals at affordable prices. With the level of distribution Walmart offers, access to Proper Good tasty, delicious and affordable meals has never been easier -  this is a major success for us and hits our key mission. There is simply no other retailer that offers this incredible distribution. If we chose a different path to retail it would take many more years to achieve the same availability that Walmart are able to offer from day one.

Healthy Ready Meals - Eat Proper Good

Single meal access, discovery, and price 

On our website you have to buy a minimum of 6 meals, this is because as a small company we have to be efficient with orders and packing, and since we always offer 100% free shipping we have to use a 6 meal minimum threshold to make that work. This minimum order puts most online orders into a $40+ range, but Walmart allows people to simply grab a single meal, that’s filling, delicious and made with real wholesome ingredients, for under $5.99.

Planning vs Spontaneity

The other issue with online only for Proper Good is the planning involved. You have to plan what Proper Good meals you would like to order and know they will be with you later on that week.  With Proper Good in Walmart if you feel like a Proper Good breakfast, lunch or dinner you can simply go and grab one! Or, just grab some as part of your weekly shop. There’s no waiting, just exactly what you want there and then.

Meal selection

In Walmart we have our best selling items, these are meals that we have been making for a while and selling from our online store, so hopefully people who already know Proper Good meals will see some of their favorites on the shelf, and anyone new to Proper Good will be trying our top meals!

However, in our mission to create healthy delicious meals at affordable prices we are continually crafting new meals to add to our menu, and these new meals will be continually released online.

So in Walmart you can grab our top 10 meals and online you can grab any of our 30 meals - with more coming soon!

Apple Cinnamon & Walnut Oatmeal - Eat Proper Good

Walmart Partnership

As a small company, taking big steps is always a challenge but Walmart has helped us through all the challenges you might expect with such a big leap. They have helped with packaging changes to make the meals more shelf-ready, worked with us on pricing to ensure an everyday low price, and have assisted with many more tweaks and improvements along the way. This has been a collaborative and enjoyable process throughout with many people on the Walmart teams, to which we are very grateful.

Other brands and customers

Before working with Walmart we spoke with everyone we could think of… customers, food brand owners, retailers and more, to ensure this makes sense not only as a position for Proper Good but also for our customers. 

It overwhelmingly does on every level - Walmart caters to a wide variety of customers across the US, and offers products from lower price point items right up to the most premium priced and natural focused brands that exist. We looked to all the brands we respect the most, those who have built great businesses across different distribution channels, and with varying customer needs. Every single one of them is available in Walmart and with good reason, this includes phenomenal companies such as Halo Top, RX Bar, Justins’ Nut Butter, Birch Benders Pancakes, Organic Valley Milk, Oatly, and literally dozens of other better-for-you brands. 

This gives us great confidence that we’re offering something the Walmart customer truly wants… and at the end of the day that’s the goal right… to offer things people want, in places they want to find them. 

Other challenges

Walmart has over 2.3 million people working with them worldwide, is the largest US company by sales, and is the world's largest retailer, they, of course, have an enormous operation that frankly is difficult to fathom as we’re just a small 2 year old company over here at Proper Good. We understand with that level of scale many challenges exist with employees, unions, rights, wages and all the other areas that scale of operation naturally has. 

Our focus as a small company has to be on things we can control, and that is primarily on getting our meals that we know people love, into wide distribution so we can help as many people as possible have an easy, healthy and tasty meal while making sure our environment for work is enjoyable and supportive to all our employees and partners. 

On top of that, as you know we’ve donated over 10,000 free meals to food banks as part of our ‘post and share’ social campaigns, and Walmart will allow us to scale that up by continuing to offer both well-priced and good for you meals to those who want them, and free meals to those who need them. 

Where to find Proper Good in Walmart?

With that, we’re launching 10 items, across soup and oatmeal, into over 2,000 Walmart stores, not all stores have all items but click HERE to see what stores we are in!

We are launching into Walmart with 6 soups and 4 oatmeals…

Find our Soups in the Soup Aisle

Red Pepper & Meatball Soup

Tomato Basil Soup

Cream of Chicken Soup

Southwest Chili

Chicken Noodle Soup

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Find our Oatmeals in the Oatmeal Aisle

Apple Cinnamon & Walnut Oatmeal

Caramel Pecan & Date Oatmeal

Banana Bread Oatmeal

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Red Pepper & Meatball Soup - Eat Proper Good

Enter our Walmart Shelf Photo Contest

We’d love to see a photo of how our meals are looking in store, so if you fancy it grab a pic, let us know what store you took the pic in and submit to and we’ll enter you into our monthly competition to win $100 in free meals :-)

Or, tag our meals on social media with @eatpropergood and will donate a meal on your behalf with our partners!

Thank you

Thank you so much for reading and for supporting Proper Good, we simply could not do this without you. 

We hope the above answers all of your Walmart questions and, as always, if you have any further questions please reach out to and someone from our lovely customer care team will respond.

Thanks again, and happy eating,

Chris & Jen-

Founders @ Proper Good

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