Why eat bone broth based soups?

Our Grandma had bright green kitchen cabinets, a well used apron, and what seemed like an endless supply of ingredients for her large steaming and bubbling bone broth pot on the stove.

Gran would use this bone broth mostly as a base in stew...  thick gravy stew, packed with vegetables, meats and fluffy golden dumplings.  To our younger selves the dumplings were clearly the best bit!  The dumplings soaked up all the delicious gravy and they were so tasty!  But, in hindsight, it was the bone broth that was the true star of this dish!

Grandma’s stew would always leave us feeling happy and satisfied, with a ton of energy to climb trees and do all the things that kids do, and as much as we want it to be a testament to nan’s awesome cooking it was a lot to do with the ingredients, who knew that bones and chicken feet would create such a fantastically rich, healthy and revitalizing base?

Turns out, a lot of people knew this (she sure did) and now we do too.  If you fancy learning more about bone broth and why it is good for you there are thousands of resources online… so you can dive into the bone broth details for minutes or days or years.  But, if you have more fun things to be doing, which we hope you do, you can get the very quick info here... 

Bone broth is made by slow simmering bones, which releases incredible nutrients including amino acids, collagen, proteins and minerals to form a very nutrient rich broth.  The nutrients in bone broth has been shown to have a range of health benefits from being immunity boosting, to helping with gut and digestive health to helping with joint, bone and skin health.

If you fancy trying our Proper Good bone broth based soups you can buy them individually or try them as part of our great valueBone Broth Based Soups Pack’, we have a mix of grass-fed beef bone broth and organic chicken bone broth based soups to pick from, they’re also packed with veggies and meats to keep you full and satisfied. 

We’ve been hearing some wonderful things about our bone broth soups, we hope you love them too! 

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