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Hello there, we’ve seen quite a mix of comments about the price of our meals, so we thought we would spend a little time to explain it all…. no math we promise. 

Some social media comments say things like ‘too expensive’, but we also get more intense comments such as ‘another company taking advantage of people’.  That’s upsetting to us as it’s clear there is a disconnect, the last thing on earth we’re trying to do is take advantage so we wanted to explain how the more expensive nature of the soups and meals is simply a function of what goes into them. While we’ve shipped 1000’s of orders and 93% of you rate us 4 & 5-star, we wanted to take a moment to respond to those of you who are cautious to purchase due to the price. 

The two main contributing factors to the higher prices compared to regular grocery store soups are:

  1. Cost of Wholesome Ingredients
  2. Paying workers a fair wage

Firstly, we have ingredients such as organic chicken bone broth, grass-fed beef bone broth, turmeric, cinnamon, collagen, coconut milk, squash, carrots and so on. Real wholesome ingredients. 

It would be significantly cheaper to not use bone broth, and to use artificial flavors instead of spices and herbs, and so on, there are many corners which can be cut, none of which we believe are the right thing to do. The fact is that the cost of ingredients is significant due to their wholesome nature… with many organic ingredients and fresh chopped vegetables.  We do not want to compromise on quality, as we are trying to make meals that we want to eat ourselves, and we only want to eat food that is good for us.  If we wanted to eat soups with artificial colors and artificial flavors, with a watery base, there are a lot of options out there already. We’re trying to make super functional meals available at reasonable prices, shipped to you for free. 

Secondly, we are a trying to build a business, and that means that we have to cover all costs of running the business with the team, operations and everything that encompasses it. When we receive comments such as ‘I could make it cheaper at home’ this is entirely true, you could easily make it cheaper at home based on the ingredients alone.  But, then you would have to spend the time to buy all the ingredients, follow a recipe or create a recipe, prep and cook all the veggies and other ingredients, and then do a big pile of washing up (no fun!).  Then, at the end of your big soup making session you likely have a bunch of leftover ingredients that will go to waste if you don’t create other meals with it, it is a real process to say the least.  Cooking can be an enjoyable process, of course, and we make a lot of soup, but it is not what Proper Good is about.  Proper Good is about making it quick & easy to eat healthy food, so with no prep in 2-minutes you have a meal you know is full of only the good stuff. Proper Good is about our wonderful team doing the recipe creation, the cooking, the washing up, the packing, and the shipping, and about you just doing the best bit... watching the tasty meals magically arrive on your doorstep with a click of a button, then just heating & eating!

As a business it is hard to juggle the two sides of ‘that’s too expensive’ with the general outcry of ‘people don’t get paid enough’.  It is impossible for a business to pay good wages, create products with excellent ingredients, and then charge rock bottom prices for their finished items… it just doesn’t work for the long run. So we are in a balancing act of ensuring we have as good prices as we can, while at the same time ensuring that we are able to create Proper Good meals and Proper Good jobs for the long term.

Of course, we are highly aware that different people have different budgets and we want to accommodate everyone as much as we possibly can.  So, we do offer many ways to earn discounts via our loyalty program. To get points you can simply make a free loyalty account and help us with a few marketing pieces, i.e you get points for liking us on Instagram, sharing us on Facebook and so on.  This helps us decrease our marketing costs, as you help share Proper Good for us, and in turn we pass down the benefits to you!  To grab up to 20% off check out our lovely loyalty program here.

Looking to the future we will continually re-evaluate our pricing and if circumstances arise where we can get good quality ingredients at more affordable prices then we will adjust and pass the benefits on to you, the consumer.

In the meantime, please know that we are doing our best to make everything proper good in terms of the food we make but also proper good in terms of the whole ecosystem, which means compensating our wonderful team fairly for the work they do. We hope this explanation helps and you can see that we are not trying to make huge profits here, but we are simply trying to create something that is genuinely better than other ready made meals available, from every angle, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Feel free to email us if you have any thoughts or questions, thanks so much!

Chris & Jen

Founders of Proper Good

Proper Good Founders Meal Delivery - Eat Proper Good

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