Proper Good Meal Subscription

Proper Good Meal Subscription

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Hello! Here you will find out everything you need to know about our Proper Good Meal Subscription, including all the benefits, how to use your dashboard and how the discounts work! So let's get started...
Ready to login to your dashboard? Click HERE or read on for how-to's and info!

Benefits of Your Proper Good Meal Subscription

There are many benefits of your meal subscription that include:

⭐️ 20% off EVERY order

🥄 FREE Spoon - Collect ALL the colors!

💌 Priority Processing so you are always at the front of the line

📮 Free Priority Shipping anywhere in the USA

🎁 A meal donated on your behalf for every order

🥇 First Access to all new meals

💪 Full flexibility to ensure you get exactly what you want!

Your meals on auto-pilot for the utmost convenience, set it, forget it, we'll make sure your healthy, delicious & easy meals get to you when you need them!

How to Use Your Subscription Dashboard

Watch the video below to see our co-founder Christopher Jane show you how to use your meal subscription dashboard.

To clarify, you can use your dashboard to:
  • Add New Meals
  • Remove Meals
  • Change Your Shipping Date, by skipping an order or choosing a new date
  • Change your Address
  • Change Your Payment Method
  • Cancel Your Subscription

Trouble-Shooting Dashboard Issues

In 99% of cases when people are having issues with their dashboard it is due to outdated software on their device, whether that's an iphone, android, ipad, desktop or any other device you may be trying to use it on.

If your dashboard is not displaying properly please first update your software to the current version and then you should be all set!  Updating your devices will help ensure that all other websites work properly too, and everything will run smoother in general, so it's a win/win! Your device will LOVE you for it :-) 

If after updating your device you still have issues please reach out to our fantastic customer care team HERE They will be able to help guide you through any nuanced issues or they can make any changes you request on the backend and ensure that you are all set! 

How Meal Subscription Discounts Work

Recurring Subscription Discounts

EVERY subscription order has your recurring discount applied, so the total calculated in your subscription dashboard is with that discount applied.

Promotional Discounts

Occasionally we send emails/SMS/push notifications with promotional discounts - if you have subscribed to receive any of these alerts you will get the discount code for that particular promotion.

As a subscriber you can still enjoy these promotional discounts by either getting a one-time purchase that will be separate to your subscription or you can stack the promotional discount on top of a subscription discount for one cycle in your subscription. 

For example: You purchase a meal on subscription, and that meal also has a promotion that day, you can then stack the promotion discount on top of the subscription discount, by adding your promo code when you checkout.  This promo discount will be applied to one subscription order and then your next order will process with only the subscription discount.

    Still Need Help?

    If you still need some help with anything at all our customer support team is here to help you, simply reach out to them HERE.

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