Proper Good Loyalty & Referral Program

Proper Good Loyalty & Referral Program

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Hello! Our Proper Good Loyalty & Referral Program is a fantastic way to save on your meals and get rewarded for sharing about Proper Good! So let's dive in to all the tasty details...

Proper Good Loyalty Program

First off, let's explore our loyalty program... you can access your Proper Good Loyalty page HERE

Value of Proper Good Points

1 Point = $0.10, so...

  • 100 Points = $10
  • 200 Points = $20
  • 300 Points = $30
  • 400 Points = $40

Earning Points

There are tons of ways to earn Proper Good Points:

  • 25 Points when you join our Loyalty Program
  • 20 Points for following us on Instagram
  • 50 Points for leaving us a written review
  • 75 Points for leaving us a photo review
  • 100 Points for leaving us a video review
  • 10 Points when you follow us on TikTok
  • 25 Points for reading one of our blogs
  • 10 Points when you like us on Facebook
  • 10 Points when you follow us on YouTube
  • 100 Points once a year on your birthday!
  • 1 Point for EVERY $1 you spend, so your points can add up quickly!

Please note, your points are only valid on one-time purchases and not subscription orders.  This is because the subscription program already has built in discounts.  However, you still earn one point for every $1 spent on subscription too, so your points still stack up and you can redeem them on a one-time purchase at anytime.

How to Redeem Your Points

To redeem your Loyalty Points you first need to ensure that you are on a one-time purchase checkout and not a subscription checkout.  To do this make sure that you have the 'subscribe' toggle set to off in your cart, before moving to checkout. See below example...

Proper Good Dashboard - Eat Proper Good

There are then two ways to redeem your points...

1) Using the Cart Points Module

If you're logged into your loyalty account and on the one-time purchase checkout you will see a points module in your cart on the right hand side (this module does not appear in the subscription cart). This module has a dropdown menu that will show you the points you can apply to your cart.  i.e if you have enough points to apply $10 it will offer you to add your $10 off option, or if you have enough point for higher values it will show you those options too.

See what the checkout module looks like below...

 Proper Good Loyalty Points Checkout - Eat Proper Good


2) Using Redeem Points Codes

 If you are logged into your account and in the one-time purchase cart and, for some reason, you do not see the redeem points module in your cart you can still redeem them by copying a redeem code.

To get your Redeem Points Code go to the Loyalty Rewards page by clicking HERE and scrolling to 'How to Use Your Points'.

The rewards that you are eligible to redeem depend on your number of points - the REDEEM button will show in blue if you have enough points to redeem that dollar value.

How to Redeem Proper Good Loyalty Points - Eat Proper Good 

Click the REDEEM button to get your code, copy it and then paste it into the code box in your cart, like you would any other code, and your points will be applied to your order! Then checkout as usual :-) 

 These points will then be removed from your account, but the dollars that you spend on the completed purchase using your points will then be applied to your points balance, so your points start rebuilding immediately upon checkout.


Proper Good Referral Program

We created the Proper Good Referral Program so that you and your friend both get rewarded - woohoo!

So, let's break it down... firstly, you can access the Proper Good Referral Page HERE

Proper Good Referral Program

You can refer friends by adding their email to the 'friend's email address' box.  You can add as many email addresses as you like as long as they are separated by a comma, so you can reach out to many people at once - easy peasy!

You can also copy your link at any time and share in email, text or anyway you wish!

And, last but not least, you can also choose to share your referral code on any of your social media by click the social buttons.

The more people who buy after clicking your referral link the more points you earn, your points will be automatically added to your loyalty rewards account when a purchase is completed by someone who clicked your link.

Your friend gets $10 off their first order by using your link and you get $10 in Proper Good loyalty points to redeem on future Proper Good purchases!


Still Need Help?

If you still need some help using our Loyalty or Referral program please do reach out to our lovely customer care team, you can easily get in touch with them HERE


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