Perfect Gift Ideas for Grandparents This Holiday Season

Perfect Gift Ideas for Grandparents This Holiday Season

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There’s nothing quite like the sense of panic that sets in when you haven’t shopped for the holiday season in advance (we’ve been there!). Anxiously waiting on last minute deliveries to arrive or fighting through crowded shopping malls in search of that perfect gift–yikes!

And sometimes, grandparents are the trickiest to shop for, not because they don’t appreciate what you get them, but because they already seem to have everything.

But gift ideas for grandparents can be unique AND thoughtful. Read on a few of our favorites!

Get out and about!

Grandparents who are retired or have more time on their hands LOVE to get out of the house and enjoy a fun excursion. Here are a few ideas for grandparent-friendly outings.

Museum: Does your grandparent love history and learning about the past? Visit a local museum! Not only is this a great way to bond with your grandparent, you might actually learn something new, too! ;) Plus, many state funded museums offer discounts for seniors, making this an affordable, but no less fun, gift idea.

Movie: Many grandparents have special memories of visiting the cinema as children. Spark those memories and ask them about their favorite film, then take them to see the latest flick! Some movie theaters even have “vintage movie nights” where they feature classic films that your grandparent may already know and love.

Musical or Play: Similar to the movie suggestion above, attending a musical or play with your grandparent could be a fun, interactive way to enjoy the arts together. If you don’t feel comfortable going to a crowded theater or don’t live close to one–don’t worry! These days, many theaters are offering virtual admission to their musicals or plays. So pop some popcorn, settle in on the couch, and enjoy!

Sports game: Is your grandparent an avid sports fan? Take them out to the ballgame–literally! Treat your grandparent to a fun sporting event–whether it be at the professional, collegiate, or amateur level, there’s likely some sort of sport close to you in every season!

More activities

Is your grandparent always on the go and up for anything? We are so inspired by those with a sense of adventure! You can give your grandparent a gift that leans into that active behavior.

Take a class together: Perhaps your grandma loves to cook … or grandpa enjoys getting in a few swings on the golf course. Take a course together to learn about an activity that interests them! Many local community centers offer affordable and frequent classes on popular topics.

Plan a day trip: Itching for a little adventure? It’s surprising how many unique sights are around … often in your own backyard! Do a little research to see what local towns could be neat to explore with grandma or grandpa. Is there a fun city with lots of shopping? Or perhaps a quaint small town with a cute winery to explore together? The world is your oyster! 

Spa Day: Perhaps your grandparent is always on the go and needs a gentle reminder to slow down. A spa day could be a perfect indulgence to enjoy together! You and grandma can get your nails done, stop nearby for a cup of coffee, and have a nice chat. We guarantee this will make their day!

Take note of their hobbies

Many grandparents have a favorite hobby. Whether it’s a hobby they’ve taken part of their whole life or something new they’ve picked up in retirement, you can support their interests by giving a thoughtful hobby-related gift! Here are a few common hobbies grandparents have:

Gardening: Is your grandparent renowned for their beautiful garden or lawn? Perhaps a pair of gardening gloves could be useful. Or even some unique new seeds for them to plant next spring.

Bird watching: Who isn’t fascinated with colorful, cheerful birds? Many grandparents enjoy getting out in nature and birdwatching. A hat to protect them from the sun could be a great gift for a birdwatcher. Or, perhaps a new set of binoculars would be helpful!

Crocheting: Nothing sounds cozier than getting a new scarf or hat from grandma, are we right?! Crocheting is a relaxing, creative hobby, but it does take time and money! Get your grandparent who crochets a new crochet needle set perhaps, or even some vibrant new yarn to use in their next creation!

Book by their favorite author: Many grandparents pass the time by digging into a new book. Stop by the bookstore and grab a copy of the latest novel by your grandparents’ favorite author! Or, if your grandparent is particularly tech savvy, perhaps they would enjoy a book on CD or tape to listen to while at home or in the car!

What about healthy treat ideas?

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a thoughtful, homemade gift. And often, the best gifts aren’t fancy or expensive! They can even be tasty treats that your grandparent can enjoy themselves, or that you can make and nibble on together.

But you don’t want to give grandma or grandpa something that’s full of sugar. Here are a couple of thoughts:

Home made “nice” cream: Have you heard of “nice cream? This ice cream copycat has the consistency and delicious quality of traditional, sugary ice cream but without the dairy and high calorie content! Here is a super simple nice cream recipe you can either make and gift to your grandparent, or roll up your sleeves and get in the kitchen together!

Proper Good oatmeal: Here’s a fun idea about how to use our oatmeal! Get the perfectly plain flavor and buy a few of your grandparent’s favorite toppings. Then, host a “make your own oatmeal” night together! This could make for a fun (and absolutely delicious!!) bonding activity. A few toppings ideas are warmed up peanut butter, chopped up dates, and pistachios.

Proper Good Breakfast Ideas Oatmeals - Eat Proper Good

Ahhh, grandparents … they’re the best! And they deserve the most thoughtful holiday gifts, too, don’t you think?

And while these ideas are great for the holidays, we also want to point out that they’re great for any time of year! After all, why wait for the holidays when you can make an ordinary day for grandparent extraordinary with a thoughtful gift?

Happy shopping!

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