8 Meals With Chicken

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Simple, easy, and downright good! Chicken is a versatile protein source that can be incorporated in a variety of different meals … in a variety of different ways, too!

But sometimes chicken gets a bad rap for being bland and boring. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In this blog post, we’re sharing new and exciting meals with chicken.

8 meals with chicken

Cooked, grilled, herbed, roasted … you name it, and there’s probably a chicken dish for it! Check out these chicken recipes the next time your meal routine is in need of a tune up.

Creamy chicken & gnocchi

“Soft-pillowy gnocchi, a garlick-y cream sauce, tender, juicy chicken thighs, and sneaked-in kale? Yes, 1,000% yes” is what Damn Delicious blog author Chungah says about this recipe. Sounds good to us! 

Chicken & gnocchi is comfort food to the max and easy to whip up! Use cauliflower potato gnocchi if you’re looking to lighten things up, and for those who avoid dairy, you can swap almond milk in for half and half.

Lemon chicken

If you’re looking for meals with chicken with a summer twist, lemon chicken could be just the ticket! With just 10 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes of cook time, you’ve got a meal ready in under 30 minutes that the whole family will love. 

If you’re looking for a side dish or two to serve alongside this lemon chicken, look no further than Proper Good basmati rice! Our basmati rice pairs perfectly with protein, like chicken, and roasted veggies, like broccoli, peppers, or potatoes. It’s also compatible with a variety of dietary restrictions and needs and is dairy-free, gluten-free, and low sodium.

Basmati Rice - Eat Proper Good

Chicken fajita burritos

We’ve written about high protein vegan breakfast ideas, but what about times when you’re looking to incorporate meals with chicken into your diet? Chicken fajita burritos can easily be made breakfast-friendly by adding in scrambled eggs. Or, they’re an excellent day-long choice. 

This recipe uses a ton of heart-healthy veggies, such as onion and bell peppers, as well as legumes, like black beans. Add in hot sauce for a spicy little kick!

Mediterranean chicken salad

If you’re looking for a quick work lunch or side dish to bring to the summer cookout, you really can’t go wrong with a salad. This Mediterranean chicken salad uses onions and bell peppers, like the fajitas recipe above, so just get double at the grocery store and use these ingredients on back to back days!

Chicken Salad - Eat Proper Good

It wouldn’t be a Mediterranean dish without fresh and delicious ingredients. Enjoy cucumber, olives, capers, and feta cheese … yum!

Chicken cordon bleu

Chicken cordon bleu is usually thought of as a meal with chicken that isn’t super healthy. However, it’s easy to lighten up this beloved recipe and make healthy swaps. Our low-carb chicken cordon bleu dish serves up on flavor while keeping in line with the keto diet. 

Chicken cordon bleu - Eat Proper Good

Proper Good broccoli cheddar soup serves as the creamy base for this meal. Our broccoli cheddar soup uses only the highest quality ingredients and contains a whopping 7 grams of protein to keep you full all day long! This soup blend also contains turmeric, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Thanksgiving cranberry oven bake chicken

While the title of this chicken recipe says “Thanksgiving,” we’d recommend this delicious dish year-round! French onion seasoning mix takes all the seasoning guesswork out for you, and Proper Good broccoli cheddar soup gives just the right amount of decadence (with only wholesome ingredients, of course)!

Thanksgiving cranberry oven bake - Eat Proper Good

Add in cranberry sauce and green beans and you’ve got the perfectly well-rounded dish. Be the host with the most next Thanksgiving or anytime!

Thai coconut chicken and rice

This is another dish that pairs well with Proper Good basmati rice. This easy meal with chicken is a great option for those extra-busy, on the go weeknights. If you’re in the mood for dinner with just the right amount of spice, this is for you! Jalapeño and ginger flavor the creamy coconut sauce in this recipe for an all-in-one meal.

Coconut milk gives the dish slightly tropical vibes and flavor, and it balances out the spiciness of the pepper and ginger!

Herbed chicken caesar salad

Craving a traditional, yet doggone good, salad? Chicken caesar salad is seen on many restaurant menus, but when you eat it in a restaurant, you’re never quite sure what ingredients are inside! Unfortunately, some chicken caesar salads have high caloric content due to the added cheese and the dressing.

However, when you make chicken caesar salad yourself, you have full control over the ingredients that are included! This healthy chicken caesar salad recipe uses a variety of wholesome proteins, veggies, and herbs to ensure nutritional value.

Meals with chicken made fun, healthy, and easy! Give one of these recipes a try the next time you’re feeling bored with the same chicken.

If you’re looking for a side dish, you can always turn to Proper Good soups and chilis! Here are a couple of our favorite soups that pair well with chicken … every time:

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