Earth Day - Do Good, Feel Good, Eat Proper Good

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Earth Day - Do Good, Feel Good, Eat Proper Good

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If you’re reading this on April 22nd then HAPPY EARTH DAY, if you’re reading it on any other day then you’ll be glad to know that everything outlined below is true all year long!

Over here at Proper Good we’re aiming for a minimum environmental impact while ensuring that everyone has access to easy, convenient and healthy 90-second meals whenever they need them… so let’s dive into the details below of what we’re doing on this mission.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

All of our labels and boxes are made with recycled materials, and you can recycle in your regular curbside recycling at home to keep the positive cycle going… that’s a lot of cycling! Who knows what they’ll be turned into next?! This is a key goal as paper is so easy to turn into new things, so please make sure to put it in the recycling bin whenever you can! Our boxes also feature the certified Sustainable Forestry Initiative logo, this means they’ve passed the threshold for renewable production!

Labels Made of Recycled Materials - Eat Proper Good

Our Pouch

Our pouch allows us to have less waste pound for pound compared to other shelf stable packaging options, such as metal cans and tetra paks. We sometimes get asked ‘why plastic?’, but remember tetra packs also contain plastic, as they are made up of multiple layers of both plastic and metal, and many cans also have a plastic liner too, so although they look like they are plastic free they are almost certainly not. The plastic in our pouch is on full display, and you can see exactly how much plastic there is, also it’s BPA-Free and Microwave Safe! Plus, our pouches are flexible and squish together really well (as you’ve seen in your Proper Good delivery) so we have incredible cubic efficiency when shipping direct to your door… compare that to all wasted air that is between cylindrical cans!

Of course, as soon as we have the technology to make a biodegradable and compostable pouch at scale we will change our pouches immediately, we’re working on this and other continuous ways to keep reducing impact so stay tuned for updates. 

In the meantime, we make sure that our pouches can be correctly recycled and have set up a whole system for this… for more information on how we help ensure our pouches are correctly recycled read on below :-)


Our pouches need to be recycled at a TerraCycle facility.

The rest of our packaging is very easy to recycle, as it is simply paper or cardboard, and can be widely recycled.

No Excess Packaging or Weight

Most meal delivery companies require refrigeration so they have a lot of additional packaging such as cold gel bags and padded insulation which leads to enormous boxes. This not only adds weight, and carbon footprint, but also increases the amount of materials used in shipping. At Proper Good everything is shelf-stable so all your meals ship efficiently to you without extra weight or packaging… if you’ve received one of our packages you know it’s just meals in a box… no overboxing, no padding, and no dry-ice!

Remote Team

Other than making your delicious meals our whole team works remotely… of course, we cannot make meals over Zoom!  So, we ensure that there is no unnecessary travel for the Proper Good team which means there is no daily commute, which we love, and of course no daily driving impact either, which we love too! 

Final Thoughts

As with most activities there is some environmental impact, but hopefully this has helped outline our top line efforts with carbon offsets and minimal and recyclable packaging to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. Of course, as we grow we will be continually re-accessing and making more improvements, so stay tuned! 

As always, if you have any feedback for us or ideas of how we can improve please do let us know, we’re all in this together so if there is something we’re missing just shout it out and we’ll see what we can do :-) Just email our amazing customer care team at!  

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