16 Best Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy Lovers

16 Best Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy Lovers

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Camping trips are best enjoyed when they are hassle and stress-free! Treat your outdoorsy and adventurous loved ones with the perfect camping gift that will provide functionality and fun for a smooth-sailing camping trip.

Coming up with the perfect gift ideas can be difficult, especially if camping gear and the great outdoors is not for you. We have compiled a list of the best camping gifts for your friends and family to enjoy!

Each gift ranges in size and purpose, but they all offer great convenience when it comes to simplifying the camping experience, making your gift's recipient one happy camper.

Best Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy People

The following are some practical and unique camping gift ideas, ranging from camping equipment to helpful outdoor gear!

Lightweight Portable Hammock

A lightweight portable hammock will be sure to please the outdoor enthusiast in your life! This is a great gift for camping lovers as it offers a quick and convenient camp setup.

A portable hammock can either be free-standing or tied to trees for natural support. They offer a fun alternative to a tent as campers can sleep under the stars in this comfy, warm device!

Ultralight Backpack Cooler Chair

This backpack encompasses all the essential camping gear in one, lightweight bag. With a chair, food and drink cooler, as well as plenty of storage space within the backpack, this is a unique, innovative camping gift.

This backpack will keep drinks cool and food tasting fresh, opening up a new range of options when it comes to packing food.

Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit

Health and safety is incredibly important for adventurous campers! Let your camping friends and family know you care with this great gift idea.

An outdoor emergency survival kit is a small pouch that includes necessary and helpful tools in case of crisis. A typical survival kit may include a whistle, bandages, a flint fire starter, and a torch, alongside a range of other items.

You have the option to make your own outdoor emergency survival kit or purchase a pre-made one. If making your own, you can include essentials as well as more personalized items to add a unique touch.

Proper Good Food Packs

Eating delicious and nutritious dense foods can be hard when camping, as vegetables lose their freshness and often require preparation before the trip even starts.

Proper Good provides delicious food packs that are shelf stable so they are easy to take on the go, with minimal preparation or effort required. Simply place your pouch of choice into boiling water and boil it for five minutes and you will have a hearty tasty meal!

With a wealth of clean ingredients and zero added sugar, Proper Good ensures each camper enjoys a healthy, fulfilling meal. Proper Good also provides various subscriptions and several other programs that offer discounts for a gift that keeps on giving! 

Best Camping Gifts - Eat Proper Good

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags can make or break a camping trip. A high-quality sleeping bag ensures a great night's sleep due to its warmth and comfortable protection against the hard ground. 

This is especially important if campers are hiking or exercising as their muscles need rest to recover.

Heavy Wool Blanket

The great outdoors can be an unforgiving place, especially with the dropping nighttime temperatures.

Gifting a heavy wool blanket will help campers to stay warm and cozy throughout the night due to the thick, thermal material. This combined with a good quality sleeping bag can really make for a solid night's sleep away from home.

Camping Meal Set

Add a bit of luxury to your loved one's next camping trip with a matching camping meal set. These sets are often compact and lightweight to save space and allow an easy clean-up. 

Easily transform an ordinary picnic table and camping chairs into a restaurant-quality set-up for an unmatched campsite dining experience!

Portable Campfire

Another great camping gift idea for and amazing outdoor adventure is a portable campfire! Portable campfires are safe and easy-to-use devices that can function as a warming fire or a camping stove with minimal effort.

They can be used in a variety of environments, from a national park to a beach, due to their versatility and clean design.

Personal Water Filter

A personal water filter will purify water and remove bacteria for safer consumption. Available in the form of a straw or water bottle, staying hydrated on the go has never been easier. 

Any type of water can become suitable drinking water for campers with an internal, personal filter. This can be gifted as part of a survival kit or as a small, handy camping gift.

Swiss Army Multitool Pocket Knife

A swiss army pocket knife is one of the more traditional gifts for campers. Increase the functionality of this gift by finding a multitool pocket knife

With a screwdriver, nail file, and scissors, this multi-purpose pocket knife will quickly become a favorite camping gear item.

With a sturdy compact case, the multitool pocket knife benefits from convenient and safe travel. They are also available in a range of different colors, sizes, and designs to suit the gift's intended recipient.

LED Camping Lantern

An LED camping lantern is one of the most practical camping gifts to maximize safe travel. Many campsites do not have great lighting at night, so walking around or exploring can be a difficult task.

LED lights are long-lasting and bright for handy placement in a tent or around a campsite.

Solar Powered Battery Bank

Solar-powered battery banks are fantastic camping gifts for keeping connected wherever you are. Battery banks are essential for off-grid camping to keep your cameras, phones, and other gadgets charged up and ready for use.

Electricity is sparse on most camping trips so solar-powered devices can offer a natural, eco alternative to electronic charging.

These also make thoughtful gifts for those who enjoy more adventurous and extreme camping trips, as adverse weather conditions can cause limited access to electricity. 

With a compact design that can easily fit into a small carrying case, solar battery banks are durable for long-term use!

Camping Utensil Kitchen Set

For food-loving campers, a standard camp stove can be inefficient and boring to cook on. This is where a camping utensil kitchen set comes in handy! 

Campers need to reach a set calorie intake on a daily basis, especially if they are exercising throughout the day. This will help to repair muscles and keep energy levels high.

Gifting a camping utensil kitchen set will ensure that your loved one has all the tools needed to cook and prepare a multitude of nutritious foods, for the best camping experience.

During the holiday season, this would make a great stocking stuffer for your designated camp chef.

Portable Laundry System

A portable laundry system adds a sense of organization and hygiene to a camping setup.

This is an ideal gift for those who enjoy longer camping trips, as it means campers can pack more lightly. They can then wash and re-wear their clothes during the camping trip. 

When tent camping, you don't want to be sleeping in the same place as your sweaty laundry, so a portable laundry system is essential!

As a result, there is no onslaught of dirty washing when arriving back home and no need to lug around smelly clothes!

Travel Clothesline

Unique camping gifts don't have to be modern or particularly creative to be effective. For example, a travel clothesline is a practical and convenient way to keep clothes fresh and dry. 

This is a great option for those who camp during the summer months, as clothes will easily dry!

Trail Markers

For explorers, trail markers can help to direct campers back to their campsite, as well as pinpoint the safest or quickest travel route. This is a small, thoughtful gift for the adventurous camper in your life.


Great camping gifts can offer stress-relieving practical purposes while also being easy to use, pack, and travel with!

Outdoor enthusiasts may need to travel lightly, but that doesn't mean their gifts can't be packed with fun and personality.

At Proper Good, our nutritional meals offer high-quality, delicious clean ingredients for a quick and easy camping dish. Suitable for a range of diets and food preferences, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based, Proper Good has something for everyone!

Camping meals - Best Camping Gifts - Eat Proper Good


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