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Meatball Minestrone - Proper Soup


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Grab the best deal on our organic Chicken Bone Broth with this fantastic 7 pack!  A healthy hit for everyday of the week!

Proper Good bone broth is made by slow simmering organic chicken bones to get an incredibly nutrient rich and flavorful broth. Made with turmeric and ginger for additional benefits and nutrients this broth packs a serious nutritional punch.

10g Collagen

22g Protein

0g Sugar & 0g Carb

Keto & Gluten-Free

Turmeric & Ginger for deliciousness

Sip as a nutrient & protein packed hot beverage… replace your tea & coffee!

Add into recipes for a delicious deep bone broth base

Ready in 90-seconds, just heat & enjoy!

If you fancy trying some tasty bone broth based drinks you can find our recipes HERE 


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