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Why Wefunder?

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You can check out our Wefunder campaign below, invest for as little as $100!

So, why Wefunder? Let’s dive right in, for those of you who have never heard of WeFunder before, WeFunder is an equity crowdfunding platform that helps brands like us raise investment funds from the general public.

Once we decided to run an equity crowdfunding campaign for Proper Good we had to choose which crowdfunding platform to use… and there are quite a few to choose from!

After doing our research we decided that WeFunder was the way to go for a few reasons...

  • WeFunder has amazing support for both the investors and Proper Good. Simply put, this means that if you, as the investor, have any concerns or queries we trust the people at WeFunder to give you top notch support.
  • WeFunder has a well designed platform that is easy to use for both the investors and Proper Good, as we all know an intuitive platform takes out most of the stress, so put your stress ball down and follow the clear and simple instructions on their platform to start investing :-)
  • WeFunder is run by a group of super-smart, fun and engaging individuals, we know this first hand! So, working with them was a no brainer for us.
  • WeFunder has over 300,000 investors on their platform and has run successful investment campaigns in the direct-to-consumer food world.

In summary, it only takes a few clicks on to be signed up as an investor and to start investing in cool companies… like ours :-)

To check out our WeFunder campaign, watch the video and find out all the info simply visit:

To learn more about investment in general check out our blog on Equity Crowdfunding here.

- Proper Good Team

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